Just Surrender - Your Life And Mine ( With Lyrics )

Your Life and Mine

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I know you are hurting,
I understand, I do.
You see, we walk together
Because I’m hurting, too.

I don’t have all the answers,
Most days I have so few.
I do have blinding fear,
But is the sky still blue?

Some days, I want to escape.
Could I be someone else, don a disguise?
Let me out. I don’t like it in here.
At the dawn will the sun still rise?

By the way, how did we get in this fix?
Was it genes, just bad luck, were we stressed?
I don’t know either, but tell me
Does the sun still set in the west?

We can’t always help it you know,
Feeling the way we do.
The good emotions and bad,
Aren’t they all a part of you?

The greatest gift, I think,
Is self-honesty and truth;
Otherwise we’ll harvest
Self-delusion and bitter fruit.

To know why, is the question we ask.
Eventually, that has to stop
For we find more strength for the fight,
When we finally say, why not?

Was I promised some sort of exemption?
Does my life mean more than another?
Don’t flower strewn paths quickly fade?
We’re each a mother, sister, or brother.

We’re connected in so many ways,
Walking this path called life.
Why do we think we’re alone
When we could be united by strife?

Is it possible our pain
Can form a bond of the heart?
Then neither of us will be alone
Isolated, abandoned, apart.

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