Wonderful diaper cake

The birth of a new man - triumph, joy, emotion! How I want to congratulate loved ones on this event beautifully and original! Wonderful cake made from baby diapers, made with your own hands, will not leave indifferent any happy mom. And the amazing combination of benefits and beauty will definitely appeal to even the most practical parents. Making a cake from diapers is not at all difficult. In addition, its value is quite suitable for any wallet. What do we need to create a cake? 1. Diapers. On a two-tiered cake you need about 30-40 pieces. It is advisable not to buy the smallest size (for example, from 7 kg and above), because often the gift so touches the parents that they do not hurry to disassemble it immediately. 2. Sterile disposable diaper, gloves. Diapers for an infant are a matter of personal hygiene, therefore keeping cleanliness and sterility when creating a cake from them is an indispensable condition. All the elements of the gift (fastenings, decor) are also desirable to wipe with an antiseptic solution or iron with an iron so that the baby's tender skin is not threatened. 3. Fixtures. The choice of fasteners is huge.Rope, scotch, safety pins for children, gum for money, glue. But, nevertheless, it is recommended to place special emphasis on safety and naturalness - after all, a gift for the baby. Therefore, we only use fabric or paper ropes, satin ribbons and sewing threads. With them, the process of creation will be a little longer, but the quality of our confectionary miracle will be at its best. 4. The material for the vertical base. Here fit: a high bottle of any children's cosmetics, a bottle, a cardboard roll from paper towels, wooden skewers, a bottle of champagne, finally. As for the latter, we personally have doubts: indeed, alcohol does not fit in with the image of a tender children's gift. But, the choice is yours. 5. Satin ribbons of different widths, threads, needle, decorative paper napkins or fabric. Color solution is left entirely to your taste. You know better in what style and color to make a cake, to cause admiration of relatives. 6. Decor elements. Cute plush toys, fabric flowers, beads, beads, children's paraphernalia: combs, teethers, socks, booties, diapers, nipples. Believe me, my mother will be happy with every detail of the gift - everything will come in handy in an infantile life. 7. Stand.The tray can be a nicely glued sheet of cardboard, the bottom of the box is from a real cake. In our case, the stand is also a useful gift - a children's book. So let's start.
 On a sterile napkin we reveal
On a sterile napkin we disclose packing diapers (20 pcs.). Do not disconnect them, just stack them, as shown in the photo.
 just laying
Slightly bending, uniformly form around the base - bottles, pulling the rope.
overtighten with a rope
Forming a second similar tier (16 pcs.) You can put an openwork napkin between tiers.
 to put an openwork napkin
 The cake is baked

Next, over the ropes we put satin ribbons in the order that you like (thin - wide, both - side by side). We fasten them with threads (photo6), or with glue (of course, without touching the diapers). Now it's up to the decoration. We make cute bows and sew them a little to the right of the seam on the ribbon to hide it behind the bow bend.Little teddy bear will complete the picture.
We fix them with threads
 decoration with a bow
Our miracle is a cake ready ! It turned out very unusual, delicate gift. Enjoy your soulful appetite!
miracle cake made of diapers

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