Why you should not photograph sleeping people?

Most of the professional photographers, and many ordinary people, are familiar with the notion that sleeping people, children, and even more so, babies - are strictly not recommended to photograph.

Such a strange, at first glance, opinion is rooted deep in the past, when the art of photography was just beginning its birth and for many it looked something strange and even mystical. Today, in view of the development of digital technology, such a sign may seem ridiculous and naive, so many pictures are taken every day, which is hard to imagine!

We decided to find out why it’s still impossible to photograph sleeping people, is there any scientific justification for this, or is everything based only on superstitions and on old prejudices that undoubtedly deserve our attention.

Not everyone knows that literally two centuries ago in the world there appeared a strange, even to some extent, eerie tradition: to capture on the pictures of dead people.Photographs were taken very rarely during life, so any wealthy family considered it their duty to get a photograph of a family member who had died prematurely into non-existence.

These pictures could not be very different from the usual ones: for example, the whole family in the collection was placed on the photograph, and only one person was left with her eyes closed ...

A little later, another tribute to fashion appeared - photographing dead children. They were dressed, brushed and even tinted, seated in a circle of family or close to live siblings, and then fixed the moment. And just imagine - in those times it was not a second to make a shot, sometimes for 15-20 minutes you had to freeze in one pose in order to get a clear image.

Such photographs then formed into a family album, on which the dead looked like they were just sleeping. Since then, in order to avoid vague associations related to a really sleeping person, it was decided that, in this case, it is better not to take such photos at all.

Here, and mixed with another sign - it was believed that if you take a picture of a person in a dream, then soon his death or a serious illness will await him.

More omens and superstitions

  • Older people and young moms are especially susceptible to such signs, some of them zealously guarding their child, so that no one dares to take a picture when he is sleeping. It is believed that little children, especially babies up to a year, still do not have a strong soul and a biofield, which can be greatly disturbed and subject the child to the "evil eye." The same applies to adults who have a weakened energy field during sleep, which means it will be easier to impose an evil eye or damage on such a photograph. To be honest, we haven’t found any scientific justification, however, to believe or not to believe such arguments is a personal matter.
  • A much more objective opinion is that the child may simply be frightened by a bright flash or click, waking up sharply and opening his eyes. This really is the place to be, so the photographer needs to think once more before taking such a picture (or just remove the flash).
  • Another opinion related, rather with religious views, is as follows: it is believed that such an action can scare away the Guardian Angel, who protects our sleep.The main problem is that after that he may never return.
  • Another popular sign is based on the fact that during sleep the soul leaves our human appearance, which at that moment becomes defenseless. Having woken sharply from a click of a shutter or flash, a person may die, since the soul will not have time to return from other worlds.

Believing in such superstitions or not, of course, is for everyone to decide, because, indeed, "there is a lot in every fairy tale ..". On the other hand, many modern people no longer pay attention to old prejudices and take such pictures that they like, which is also fully justified.

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