Why does it offend the man's phrase "Do not take out my brain!"

Most often, these words, abandoned with irritation or universal fatigue, mean: "Do not go to me with your nonsense, I am very busy and now save the world, I have no time to stoop to your works." That is, there is an overt depreciation of the experiences, needs and feelings of the person who is applying.

After all, it is much easier to send gently than to discuss what is happening. Your opponent simply cannot or does not want to decide what you are addressing him with.

Why does it offend the man's phrase "Do not take out my brain!"

Therefore, this phrase should not be attributed to your address, but should be regarded as a statement of the fact that a person inadequately perceives reality. What is important to you does not matter to him, it is either necessary to accept it, or to choose a different tactic and time in order to “achieve the desired” without “carrying the brain”.

Action plan:

  • Try to choose the most suitable time for discussing important issues - it is not entirely correct to fly into a person at the door or at dinner.
  • Prepare your speech in advance and do not forget to tell the background of the issue - your opponent does not have a gadget that reads your thoughts. And yes, tune in to hear the answer, which can upset you, because this is also likely ...
  • Do not speak apologetically or in an apologetic tone and try to contain negative emotions - speak out on the case, without raids and ingratiating, on equal terms.

And if, after all this, your partner still made a disgruntled face and said the hated “Do not bear my brain”, you can congratulate yourself: it's time to start respecting yourself. This phrase can be forgiven a tired or distressed person once, but when she is constantly spoken, this is bad manners and egoism.

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