Why Russian women are afraid to grow old

The hairdresser complained of a backache that could not be tamed. She tried to drink "some pills", "resembled girls for massage" in her salon, smeared with two ointments, and her back ached. A neurologist recommended her a day hospital. “Here, I bought diclofenac, aktovegin and milgamma,” said the patient.

- I will stay in the hospital and I will be as good as new. You know, it seems to me, we must watch out for ourselves. I do not understand how you can admit that you are old. I want to be beautiful and young.

- This is good, and therapeutic exercises? Pool?

- Yes, laziness to me. And no time. Everything is working. And in the evenings with the fiancés I go to restaurants. So scary to grow old. We must get married at least have time to get out.

Where does this fear come from for Russian women before natural age-related changes? Why are they so desperately afraid to look even thirty, and forty or fifty years old and at all seem to them something like "retire to the leper colony and live there in complete isolation"? Why do they find time to create complex manicure with flowers and paillettes, but half an hour for stretching in the evenings - is it an unprecedented luxury for them?

Fabulous scenario

“She got married, he provided her, and she raised children and washed the dishes, and every year he gave her a little more money for a beautician to hide age-related skin changes,” - this is how a happy life looks like, according to my master of coloring hair.

Neither education, nor attempts to achieve something on their own, nor even a personal bank account that would allow independence from the prince of beauty, are included in this “ideal” scenario.

Why Russian women are afraid to grow old

True, this tale has a weak point. The role of a beautiful princess who will look into her mouth and perform low-skilled housework can be chosen over time with another girl. Younger, more constructive, more talkative. When the prince has a regular income, a good profession and does not fall out, unlike his wife, from social life for the period of the decree, a certain number of female fans form around him who support his confidence that he is young and handsome, and that he has the right to decide how much money to allocate to the dependent spouse and what conditions to put forward to her (dance at the pole twice a week in the evenings,hand-made dumplings for breakfast and a roll with unicorn meat for dinner, the princess’s weight is no more than 50 kilograms and the complete absence of cellulite) so that she can remain living in a fairytale castle.

But if you go beyond the scope of this scenario, you may find that age is not at all scary, because the value of a woman is not necessarily determined by her youth or, excuse me, “vduvabelnosti.” World-renowned architect Zaha Hadid was hardly worried about his age. She simply created new worlds and inspired humanity with her work. Who cares how much more than fifty kilos she weighed?

Lack of decent examples

Who first comes to mind when the phrase "strong independent woman" is pronounced? Most likely, Valeria Novodvorskaya. Or another woman with a cricket, whose loneliness is brightened up only by forty cats. Unhappy creature, ugly, all ridiculed, albeit with two higher educations.

Is it a matter of “ordinary” women: for example, Olga Buzova, who believes that life without a resource man is not life, and sings about this song with her mouth carefully rewritten with the help of a plastic surgeon, or bored wives of media people who with strained faces reveal interview secrets of your happy family life.You immediately believe them, because values ​​like “would be nice next” and “once we went to rest in Sochi, and there is poor service” are so close and understandable.

And the life philosophy of an Angela Merkel is like another universe. Do not spend the whole vacation with a plastic surgeon when you have millions of money? Voluntarily engage in boring politics? Do not let someone else do it.

For the sake of justice, in Russia there are really not so many age-related women who put self-realization in priority, not self-presentation. They are enough in the scientific community, but the happy and established women mathematicians do not lead instagrams with a million audience, and successful microbiologists rarely give interviews for glossy magazines

Age is not an obstacle to health and beauty. However, it will be necessary to set priorities, and to refuse from the nightly bottle of champagne in the company of girlfriends, and it is outrageous to go to bed early and love physical activity, because without pleasure you do not go for sports for a long time - everything will end with dust dumbbells in the corner.

Why Russian women are afraid to grow old

Women who are afraid of old age are accustomed to see their grandmothers and mothers unhappy, surrounded by pills and in the “fragrant” cloud of Corvalol.Elderly relatives complain of illiterate doctors who do not help them to cure chronic back pain and “sit down” on pills for hypertension. These women can not be dragged out onto the street for a walk, because they have an evening series and there is no comfortable clothes on cold weather - have mercy, what kind of lady for fifty in her right mind will go to the sports store to buy her waterproof warm ski pants? They do not understand that a bag of sweets every evening at the TV - a bad emotional anesthesia, and the doctor's words about the fact that excess sugar badly affects blood cholesterol, they do not understand.

Therefore, Russian girls are afraid to grow old. It seems to them that somewhere there, already very close, they are awaited by illness and a tiny pension. They feel that immediately after thirty, they suddenly become invisible, if they do not apply titanic efforts to create a fantasy manicure and the selection of "youthful" haircuts. Therefore, they choose to go to a restaurant with the bridegroom, instead of finally peeling off false eyelashes and going to heal their tired back into the pool.

But I’m sure that common sense will win.And even my hairdresser will someday stop cooing another suitor who suffers a hangover in the tube to take aspirin with succinic acid and do not forget how much she loves her mice. One day, she will simply send him to hell, and then she will open her own beauty salon, sign up for a trial lesson in gravity yoga, and gradually pump herself with amazing back muscles. Maybe a beautiful misunderstood will fall in love with her. And he will not need to beg for money, because he himself will shower it with gifts, admiring her versatile hobbies and independence. However, this part of the happy fairy tale is completely optional. Because if there is a favorite business of life, self-satisfaction and the skill of self-maintenance is enough for a happy ending in the fairy tale of a smart princess.

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