Why is black wooden paneling on the balcony

Causes of blackening of wooden lining

When citizens carry out work on the arrangement of balconies on their own, this often leads to a violation of wood processing technologies. As a result, the paneling affects fungi and mold, and it quickly loses its presentation: it turns black, warps, and becomes wet. It is because of this that some “grief builders” use for the decoration of a balcony not an environmentally friendly material, which is wood, but a fire-hazardous and very harmful for health plastic. But it is worth only competently approaching the solution of this issue, and you will be guaranteed the durability and quality of wooden lining.

Wood paneling

In order for the wall paneling to last for a long time, and at the same time not losing its main functions, its surface must be processed with high-quality materials, such as varnish or wax.It is better to do this in several layers. When processing the front part of the wall paneling, we should not forget about its reverse side. In particular, the latter must be covered with a special antiseptic composition that protects the wood from fungal and mold formations, which cause the blackening of wooden lining. The same composition must be carefully treated end and side surfaces.
According to experts, the lining coverage needs to be treated extremely demanding, taking into account the conditions in which it will be operated. In particular, the coating should not be too hard, because in the process of natural fluctuations of wood it will not be able to remain intact for a long time, and within a couple of seasons it will begin to crack and crumble.
Those who want to emphasize the beauty of wood and at the same time preserve its original appearance will be helped by a water-resistant frost-resistant window lacquer, which is excellent as a coating for wooden lining. Due to its elasticity, such a tool not only does not crack, but also allows the wood to breathe freely.
However, using lining of expensive wood varnishes is not always appropriate, because it hides the effect of “thoroughbred”.In such cases, the best option would be to use special wax-based compounds that will protect the wood and emphasize its natural structure. Covered with a wax composition of the lining can be washed using conventional household chemicals, in addition, this coating is not covered with cracks and does not separate.

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