Why can my legs hurt in the morning?

You feel sleepy and full of strength, if not for one “but” - pain in the legs. It is not surprising when it appears after a day of work, long walks or sports, because it is just a manifestation of fatigue. But what is the reason, when unpleasant sensations appear in the morning? Let's try to figure it out.

What does it mean?

Pain after sleep may occur for various reasons, which can be divided into two groups:

  1. External - injuries, strong physical stress, uncomfortable posture, long standing, wearing uncomfortable shoes.
  2. Internal - impaired blood circulation, pinching of nerve endings, tissue inflammation, infection, excess weight.

But discomfort can also be caused by a disease of some internal organ or even of the whole system, for example, the spine or nervous system. Therefore, this situation requires urgent treatment to the doctor.

Leg pain may be harbingers of various diseases, and here are just a few of them:

  • rheumatism;
  • arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • osteoporosis.

In the waking state, they may not signal anything about themselves, but after a long rest, such symptoms tend to worsen.

Discomfort in the calf muscles can talk about problems with blood vessels and blood stasis. In the morning, when the blood flow is more active, the manifestations may increase, indicating a problem.

Blood stasis can also be caused by physical inactivity. If on duty you have to constantly sit, the body lacks oxygen, and a large amount of harmful substances accumulates in the blood. And this can lead not only to the appearance of pain, but also to other unpleasant manifestations.

Calves suffer from diseases of the spine - scoliosis, hernias, displacement of intervertebral discs.

Burning of the fingers may signal problems with the vascular system. In women, such a problem may appear after long wearing high-heeled shoes.

Ways to solve the problem

If the pain is a one-off nature, or it was preceded by known causes, then you can do the prevention:

  1. Physical exercise. Various sports that have leg exercises,will be an excellent means of preventing the occurrence of discomfort. They will help maintain muscle tone, and thus relieve pain in the morning.
  2. Gymnastics. Do you think that only children do exercises after sleep? Nothing like this. 15-minute exercise will prepare your joints and muscles for an active day.
  3. Massage. You can do it in the evening, when the legs are very tired. This will help relieve fatigue and give a feeling of relaxation.
  4. Baths. The most effective are contrasting procedures with the addition of essential oils.

But what to do if pains accompany you not for the first time? Of course, it is worth undergoing examination, and to receive traditional treatment, and also you can turn to folk remedies:

  1. Chestnut tincture. For two weeks, you need to rub your feet with alcohol tincture. Prepare it by filling 50 g of crushed chestnut with 500 ml of vodka. Insist in a dark place for 2-3 weeks, and then used for treatment.
  2. Lime and mint. You can relieve fatigue and heaviness by adding a decoction of lime blossom and mint to the foot bath. On 1 liter of boiling water take a few leaves of mint and 15-20 g of lime. Such procedures will also help with varicose veins.
  3. Ice.Remove the puffiness will help compress from the ice, which must be wrapped in a towel and applied for several minutes.
  4. Balm. It can be prepared on the basis of vegetable oil (30 ml), in which you need to add 10 drops of lemon, mint, tea tree or eucalyptus oil. Apply to the skin twice a day with massaging movements.
  5. Compress of honey. Melted on a water bath, honey smear legs and tightly wrapped. You need to go with such a compress throughout the day.

Health is the greatest value given to us in life, and to preserve it is one of the main tasks of man. If your feet hurt, do not over tighten with a visit to the doctor, and then you will not be afraid of any diseases.

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