Why are heart diseases so common in Russia?

Can we say that in Russia there are more such cases than in the developed countries of Europe or in the states? If so, what is the reason? Standard of living? Mentality? National carelessness?


Difficult question. Indeed, mortality from CVD in Russia is higher than in the West, and, unfortunately, there is no unequivocal explanation for this. If the answer was simple, perhaps we would have more effectively dealt with this problem.

Lifestyle certainly has an effect on the risk of developing CVD. So, in recent years there has been a tendency to quit tobacco, however, nationwide, smoking is still more common than in many European countries. In addition, Russia has a fairly high alcohol consumption. Nevertheless, if we consider other risk factors, for example, cholesterol level, we have fairly comparable parameters with developed countries.

Mentality also plays a role to a certain extent. In Russia, unfortunately, there is no responsibility for their health to the extent that it is in the West, for example, the habit of regularly undergoing a preventive examination and to be engaged before something serious happens. In order to make people accustomed to periodically checking their health and taking measures before complications develop, a prophylactic medical examination program has been introduced, in which everyone can be examined every three years.

The socio-economic factor probably also matters. But, as economic and political instability is transformed into a high mortality rate, it still remains a matter for analysis and study.

* Anna Kontsevaya is an expert in the social-educational program “Pulse of Life” and the action “Put your clothes on in red!”.

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