Why does the dog drool and how to solve this problem?

If you have a dog and it is drooling, this can be a real problem, especially if the saliva is abundant or starts unexpectedly. But this problem can be solved.


In general, saliva must be produced, and at once by several glands of the body: the submandibular, parotid, zygomatic, and sublingual. Its normal amount for large breeds is about a liter per day! Pets of medium size allocate less - about 400-500.

Why are drooling?

The reasons for which excessive salivation may occur may be different:

  • Features of the breed. Any breeder will say that there are rocks that are especially prone to drooling. These include a German boxer, English mastiff, basset hound and some others.
  • Food mainly dry feed. Saliva helps to process food and is intended for its partial softening. So if the dog eats dry food, then drooling is quite possible.
  • The presence of a foreign body in the oral cavity, for example, a bone stuck in the mucous membranes or in the tongue. In this case, drooling will be a kind of defense mechanism designed to remove the object.
  • Motion sickness If salivation begins in the car, then probably your pet just swayed on trips, and this is quite common.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, such as gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontitis.
  • Diseases or injuries of the ears. Since the parotid glands are partially responsible for the production of saliva, with their inflammation or damage, salivation can increase.
  • Drooling before a meal is a normal process. It can begin by the sight or smell of food.
  • Some infectious diseases can also provoke increased salivation.
  • Chronic diseases or pathologies of the gastrointestinal organs, such as gastroenteritis, gastritis, inflammation of the gallbladder, spleen, liver, various tumors. Salivation in such cases will be accompanied by other symptoms: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, pain, loss of appetite, and so on.
  • Stress or prolonged barking can also trigger increased salivation.
  • Heavy food or poisoning stimulates the production of bile, gastric juice and saliva.

How to solve a problem?

What if a dog is drooling? To begin, try to find out the causes and show your pet to the veterinarian to diagnose it.

Solutions to the problem may be as follows:

  1. If the pet is swayed, its vestibular apparatus should be trained. To do this, try to take it more often in trips. But first, they should be short-lived, then start gradually increasing their duration. If the problem is not solved, a specialist can advise drugs against motion sickness, for example, Aeron, Reisfit, Barboval, Serenia.
  2. Examine the oral cavity of the dog. If you see a foreign body, try to remove it. If the manipulation has failed, and the object is strongly stuck, contact your veterinarian.
  3. When you release saliva before a meal, you do not need to do anything, because after eating a symptom will disappear.
  4. If the dog is often nervous, create comfortable conditions for it. If necessary, start giving your pet a sedative (as advised by a specialist).
  5. Remember that pet ate.Was there any spoiled or heavy food in the diet? If so, you can give the dog a sorbent (but first consult a veterinarian).

Let your pet be healthy!

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