Why do they take and shave?

When you see a well-known girl who has shaved her head, for some reason, first of all, you want to ask: “Has something happened to you?” - and only then give the person your assessment of his new appearance. With other hairdressing experiments, be it a bob haircut or dyeing curls in violet color, experimenters usually do not have any fears about the mental health of the experimenters, and we calm down in the thought that the heroine just wanted to change the image. That is exactly what happened to the transformation of actress Yulia Vysotskaya: in response to her cover with a new hair, commentators first found in the girl’s personal life a tragic reason that prompted her to get rid of her hair, and then went on to compliments for her courage.

Why do they take and shave?What is wrong with a shaved head and why subconsciously we even fear this hairstyle as a symbol of dramatic changes in life, which have erased (how they have cut) everything that happened before? Before considering the topic of whether it is possible to be bald and sexy, we decided to speculate, and whether it is possible to be bald at all and still be normal in society,and decided that we lack the “correct” bald heroines who would shave their heads just like that, because of momentary weakness or desire for comfort, without any Shakespearean passions in their personal life, radical feminism or the man-like Roy Jane.

Bald is a sufferer

Historically, the image of a shaved girl’s tragic content is some kind of martyr expelled from society, tortured for inappropriate behavior, or wanted to be isolated due to illness. Those who grew up on the MTV clips of the 90s, remember well the dramatic lunge of Britney Spears, which resulted in the most expensive pictures in the history of the paparazzi. The girl just freaked out and shaved her head, and her image has become synonymous with personal unhappiness, a collapsed marriage and a completed career.

Why do they take and shave?Bald is outrageous

In men, baldness or the presence of long hair can have ideological, aesthetic, and banal hygienic considerations, whereas for women, the first covers up a kind of protest against social norms, and the second (that is, curls) - logically, this is obedient agreement with everything. Even the same bundle is an unspoken sign of concentration and seriousness, and curly curls are romantic, sentimental and tenderness.Trying to see the last in a girl without hair is still difficult for us, because those bald heroines who, besides the lack of hair, also had a minimum of clothes with a high degree of eccentricity, are standing before our eyes.

Why do they take and shave?Bald is too manly girl

You can not come to a shaved head simply as men do it, for example, who decided that it was too hot outside and picked up a typewriter. The period of a woman's "bald head" must necessarily be conditioned by her desire to be on the "territory" of the opposite sex, so shaving for the sake of a role, for a sporting match or a new frankly masculine image is a weakly criticized rule, in which the idea is already laid that if If a woman is “normal,” then soon she changes her mind and returns to her hair.

Why do they take and shave?Bald is a frank neformalka

She's all "not like everyone else," and from leopard shoes on her legs to the tips of green fingernails. Shaved head does not seem to fit into some more adult and balanced dress code without maximalism attacks, but personifies an eternal passion for experiments, which should sort of end in the last grade of the school.

Why do they take and shave?Bald is a scandal

The bald head serves to attract attention to yourself so that everyone suddenly starts talking about you at once. And at first it may be just that, and then you will unexpectedly find that it is just one of the types of hairstyle, and the most “lazy” and unstressed of all. And the scandal to the shaved heads is given by the passion of our society to news stories. She wrote “Whore” on her chest, put silicone in her fifth point, and also dyed her hair pink or shaved her head? This is the story that everyone will be sure to read in the Facebook feed.

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