What kind of gold is better?

Gold is considered to be a rare noble metal, which for thousands of years has been used by people not only for saving savings, making jewelry, but also used in medicine, electronics and other fields. Why is this element so valued, what classification does it have, and, most importantly, which gold is the most expensive?

Pure gold

A sample of pure gold contains 0.001% impurities per gram of mass. Due to the complexity of the cleaning process, such a precious metal has a high cost in the market. Pure alloy is not used in the manufacture of jewelry, as it has the following characteristics:
• increased softness;
• easily deformed;
• has an unsaturated dull color.

What is gold

For the strength of jewelry, changes in visual characteristics and increase their service life in gold add other metals (ligature). Depending on the type of impurities and their percentage, precious metal alloys are classified by color and sample.

What kind of gold is better?

Earrings in white and pink gold with diamonds, SL;white and pink gold ring with diamonds, SL(price by reference)

In terms of color gold is divided into:

• yellow (silver and copper are added);
• white (platinum, nickel or palladium is used among alloying metals);
• red (characterized by increased copper content);
• pink (low content of copper and silver);
• olive (only potassium is added);
• green (depending on the required shade, silver, copper and cadmium are added in a specific amount);
• blue (alloy with iron and chromium);
• blue (indium is added);
• violet (potassium or aluminum is used as a ligature);
• chocolate (made by adding copper and carrying out special chemical processing);
• gray (add iron);
• black (produced by oxidizing the alloy with chromium and cobalt, sometimes by coating the finished product with rhodium);
• and others.

The most expensive gold listed above is considered white, but only that which is made with the addition of platinum. Products made from such an alloy are distinguished by unimaginable grace and beauty, have high strength and do not lose their visual qualities for a long time.

White gold, which is produced by adding nickel, has a lower cost.

In this case, keep in mind that jewelry containing nickel, cause a strong allergic reaction on the skin, and in some cases even lead to the development of dermatitis.

What kind of gold is better?

Pendant with diamonds in white gold, SL;white gold diamond earrings, SL;white gold diamond ring, SL(prices link)

What is the most expensive sample of gold

First of all, we note that in addition to the metric sample system we are used to, there is a carat one, which is used in the United States and Canada. It is based on one carat, which is 1/24 of the mass of a substance in the total mass of a metal alloy. This means that the 24 carat alloy is pure.

In order to convert a carat sample to a metric one, it is required to divide the carat sample by the number 24, and then multiply by 1000

Standard samples of gold, which are used in Russia, and the percentage of precious metal by total alloy weight:
• 375 (37,5%);
• 500 (50%);
• 585 (58,5%);
• 750 (75%);
• 999 (99,9%).

The most expensive sample of gold is 999 (otherwise 24 carats), because it is a pure substance with a minimum content of impurities.

What gold is better

The most popular breakdown of gold in the Russian Federation is considered to be 585, and this is not accidental. According to the majority of domestic experts, the precious metal of this sample is better suited for making jewelry, as it has high strength, does not tarnish over time and is easily processed.

Gold is one of the most precious precious metals in existence. The price for a product made of gold depends on the sample, colors and country of manufacture.

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