Where to go on a winter vacation in Russia

Where to go on a winter vacation in RussiaThe school season is in full swing, and parents after the summer and autumn holidays need to take care of the winter holidays with their children. Usually, experienced tourists think about the New Year since summer: book cheap flights to some Paris or Tallinn, choose a hotel in a ski resort, where they will have fun after Christmas and New Year's Eve.


But what to do when the family budget clearly does not allow such excesses? Contrary to the fact that there are less expensive winter resorts like Zakopane in Poland, it may well turn out that this resort cannot afford the usual Russian family. In this case, it is worth considering where to go for the winter holidays ... to Russia!


Yes, because Russia is huge, and to visit all of its regions, probably, life will not be enough. It also says that there is a lot of choice in Russia, where to go with the whole family for the New Year, too! And now we will tell you more about interesting places in our vast country.


Where to go on a winter vacation? Russia


1.For several years, trips with children to the homeland of Father Frost have become very popular among Russians and residents of CIS countries. Perhaps now, every child (and adult) knows where the great old wizard lives. Of course, in the Great Ustyug! Currently, this place gets a good tourist development, and every family that has arrived here will feel cozy and comfortable. Children will be interested to see Grandpa, as well as to visit his Residence, Lavka and the Post.


At 13 kilometers from Veliky Ustyug there is an entertainment center “The estate of Santa Claus”, where children and adults can ride in a sleigh, horseback riding, skiing, ice skating and snow motorcycles. The complex is located in a pine forest. You can come to Velikiy Ustyug both for one day and for a longer time. On winter holidays, children and their parents are offered a special tourist tour on a special train. Great Ustyug also contains interesting sights: churches and cathedrals, museums of history and ethnography.


2. Winter holidays on the Volga near the Kostroma Snow Maiden. Not so long ago, Grandfather Frost's granddaughter settled on the bank of the Volga River in Kostroma, and now invites all the kids and their parents to visit.Luxurious tower on the Volga coast, Ice hall, consisting of pure ice lakes of the Urals, hospitable Snow Maiden - all this will surely please your children.


Adults will also arrange fascinating excursions around the winter Kostroma with a visit to the Ipatiev Monastery, the moose farm and several interesting old museums.


3. New Year in Karelia. It turns out that Karelia has its own special Santa Claus, which the locals call Pakkaine (Frost). And the Karelian Grandpa is located in Olonets, where the tourist center is also located. Here you can play sports games and stroll in a real Russian bath, ride a reindeer sleigh and sled. Among the winter games: throwing felt boots, decorating Christmas trees, running with obstacles and much more.


4. Zyuzya. Do you know who Zyuzya is? And this is the Belarusian Santa Claus! And he lives very close to Russia, literally on the Belarus-Russia border - just 60 km from Brest in the well-known "Belovezhskaya Pushcha".


5. Kysh Babay - Tatar Grandfather Frost - is also waiting for the kids in his residence. His estate is located 60 km from Kazan in the village of Yana Kyrlay. The Tatar Father Frost also has a Snow Maiden, and her name is Kar Kyzy.A lot of entertainment awaits you in Yana Kyrlay: snow slides, skating rink, skiing, restaurants with local cuisine and souvenir and gift shops.


6. The beauty of the north-west of Russia is also interesting: in the Leningrad region there are a lot of beautiful places where you can go during the winter holidays. Fresh air, beautiful pines and firs, snowy Gulf of Finland will surely please you and your children.

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