Where do the smallest cats live in the world?

0No doubt we all love cats. Yes, someone loves them not so hotly as the true "cat owners", but still everyone has a small corner in their soul in which these fluffy lumps settle. After all, when a small creature trustingly falls asleep on your knees, it is difficult to remain indifferent. And it is absolutely impossible to hide admiration, when this cute fur animal from a domestic, almost ivy beast in an instant turns into a wild fierce predator, if he only envy prey.
In general, cats are cute and touching creatures. But there is one breed that just drove the internet community crazy! We'll get acquainted with her today.

Let me introduce it to you - this is Rusty Cat, or Prionailurus rubiginosus. Breed that lives in the wild forests of India and Sri Lanka. The BBC broadcaster, making a film about the cat family, included a small excerpt with this amazing animal, here it is:

It is difficult to imagine, but on the video - almost an adult! Yes, she looks like a kitten, of course.But in fact it is its natural size. It weighs only about one kilogram and as much as two hundred times less than a tiger! Representatives of this breed have vision five times better than human, so they are excellent hunters, and even thick grass does not make them catch prey.

And here is the kitten of this breed.


Isn't it a miracle? It seems that if rusted cats were a little less wild, they would become one of the most popular breeds. I do not know about you, but I would gladly have settled such charm in my house!
And many comments from Internet users who have watched videos with a rusty cat agree with me. A rare video collects so many rave reviews!

Well, now you know where the smallest cats live on the planet. If you want to talk with representatives of this amazing, touching and at the same time wild breed of cats - go straight to the forests of India or Sri Lanka and be sure to grab a delicious treat for your new friends!

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