When you look at these 3D floors, it seems that under your feet - a piece of nature. Awesome!

The technology of 3D printing has firmly entered our lives and has spread to many of its areas, including interior design. With its help you can get a very bright and voluminous picture. For example, among these photo floors there are those that are difficult to distinguish from the cover of a real animal or the surface of the water. Just how realistic it all looks, can not but amaze.

3D floors allow you to make the interior not only original, but also very beautiful and comfortable. No matter what purpose you pursue, with the help of this technology you can realize any design ambitions 100%.

1. Waterfall under your feet

2. Exotic pond

3. Incredible volume clock

4. How alive

5. Seashells in the toilet

6. Underwater world

7. Dolphin swims in the living room

8. Flowering meadows

9. Grass underfoot

10. Waterfall next to the sofa

11. The reef dweller

12. From the elevator straight to hell

13.Handsome dolphins

14. Is it a room or a pool?

15. Azure and fish

16. Time is money

17. Drank and swam away

18. Difficult to distinguish from the present

19. Dolphins - as living

20. Very nice bathroom design

21. It is impossible to resist not to stroke

These floors make the interior of rooms and rooms to play with new colors. Many fit so well into their surroundings that it’s hard to imagine how things would have looked without them.

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