What wedding stereotypes have long been time to break

If you are a couple and in March you were not overtaken by the statistical threat of parting (why this month is the hottest for divorce and, we have already told), now you have to fear that the risk of getting married will increase in the coming months. And if this really happens, then please try to celebrate this life adventure fun and relaxed. How to make it so that the wedding does not turn into a circus or military exercises? Just forget about these eight wedding stereotypes and love each other for health - without garters, tamada and plastic pigeons.

Stereotype number 1: write your name on each plate, candle, napkin ...

Still, in our weddings there is something from the Roman imperial festivities - whether it is all the pompous architecture of Soviet buildings, or the number of guests drunk before losing consciousness, or a sincere desire to put their names on any object in the hall. Be more modest: the dashing 90s are back in fashion,but not in our way of life, and the most comfortable wedding has long been something like a picnic with friends in nature, which has a place to be stylish (see Kate Moss’s wedding), but not outrageously glamorous.
What wedding stereotypes have long been time to break

Stereotype number 2: throw a bouquet and a garter

Analyze the “marriage mentality” of your guests: suddenly, all those whom you invited were already seriously married / married for a long time, or, conversely, the majority have a severe form of allergy to a stamp in the passport and will come to the holiday solely out of sincere respect for your person. And for those, and for others, the bouquet and the garter are not the most effective ways to lift the mood.

Stereotype number 3: order a limousine

This “wide gesture” in the Paris Hilton style should have been a part of teen TV shows on MTV for a long time, but not a part of your romantic holiday. Even if it is white, even if it’s with a beige leather interior and filled with cold champagne (we argue, do you have a maximum of one glass from your nerves anyway?), This huge hulking car will definitely get stuck in traffic and the holiday will turn into an endless waiting for the bride.

Stereotype number 4: invite a friend / girlfriend as a wedding organizer

First, it is too hard and responsible work, and if this is not the tenth wedding, then it will be difficult for your friend or girlfriend to cope. Secondly, it is not too honest towards her / him, because now she / he definitely will not be able to relax on a holiday. And thirdly, it can definitely be the end of a friendship if minor shortcomings in a stressful situation take you out of yourself. Hire a better professional.

Stereotype number 5: pay for a wedding photographer

It is worth adhering to this item only if 50% of your guests do not know what “Instagram” is. In our time, no one has long been looking for heavy professional staff, but funny pictures on social networks are guaranteed to cheer up everyone. Do not act out love in front of an uncle who wants to get three salaries from you for a pseudo-romantic photo in a gazebo with pigeons. Better get yourself a new model of iPhone for this money and make a million selfies. This is your day, and you can!

Stereotype number 6: do a tattoo with his name

We remind you that according to statistics, half of marriages still end in divorce, so that the place on the body will have to chooseso that then, without remorse and a solid account in the tattoo parlor, the inscription could be easily “painted over” with a dragon or the hieroglyphics “All men ...” (well, you understand).

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