What was the impetus for the invention of "Viagra"

Inventors error

Initially, the employees of the Pfizer research department did not plan to invent a remedy for impotence. In 1992, they conducted their usual work on medicines that were supposed to help with problems with the heart and blood vessels. As pharmacists suggested, a substance called sildenafil was supposed to activate the blood supply to the myocardium, reduce blood pressure and, as a result, relieve patients of angina and heart pain.
To test their theory, scientists have recruited a group of male volunteers (women are usually not attracted to drug testing for various reasons, including regular changes in hormone levels and the likelihood of negative effects on future childbirth). Observations of the experimental subjects disappointed the doctors: the invented pills did not contribute to the flow of blood to the heart muscle.But it quickly became clear that the group of volunteer testers was very pleased with his action on the genital organ.

Pleasant side effect

A side effect of the active ingredient of the new tablets was increased blood flow in the pelvic organs. Blood actively flowed into the cavernous body of the penis, which is why men quickly had a high-quality erection. According to rumors, some participants in the failed experiment refused to return the pills they liked, and one of them even robbed the laboratory. However, most likely, this version was launched by marketers to the people for the best sales of a substance called viagra."Viagra" got its name from the merger of two words: "vigor" (that is, power or power) and "Niagara" (this is the largest waterfall in North America).
Already in 1993, the company conducted new tests of pills, now doctors evaluated their ability to increase potency. The invention confirmed all the expectations of doctors, and in the spring of 1998 the US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the drug.In the first three months of sales, doctors issued more than three million prescriptions. But the fact of the impact on the circulatory system makes sexologists resort to consulting cardiologists before recommending this substance to patients.The inventors have managed to prove that it is effective in a number of cases of erectile dysfunction, while the mechanism of action on the body is as close as possible to the natural manifestation of arousal.

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