What to look for when buying a wardrobe?

Sliding wardrobes today confidently close the traditional dressers and wardrobes. And this is not surprising, they really have a number of advantages. Unlike traditional swing doors, wardrobes have sliding doors. Due to this, a significant saving of free space is obtained. It becomes as organized as possible, and the interior becomes more modern.

Wardrobe - compartment for clothes, what it isSliding wardrobe

Such a product of furniture can be made in various design options, with a variety of design and decoration, which allows you to harmoniously combine this piece of furniture with any interior solution of the room. Combined solutions are in particular demand today when inserts and elements of other materials are used in the design of the wardrobe compartment: glass, plastic, metal, as well as various original types of facade coatings.An excellent selection of various wardrobes provided furniture store Furniture.

Structurally, all models can be divided into:

  • embedded. They do not have their own walls of the floor and the roof and are built into a niche already in the room.
  • hull - with its own floor, roof, rear and side walls. Such a cabinet can be moved.
  • corner - with moderate dimensions, but high capacity.

By type of decoration, you can select a wardrobe for clothes:

  1. one-door, two-door, as well as models with a large number of doors;
  2. decorated with glass or mirrors;
  3. with a frosted or glossy finish;
  4. With various backlighting options, or without it.

Functional purpose and types of fillingSliding wardrobe

The closets are the most suitable option for small-area furniture. They save space at the expense of the sliding mechanism of the doors, and simply because they are more functional - they contain much more things than the traditional wardrobe. Such models allow you to replace several pieces of furniture that are already outdated today in terms of style.First of all, it concerns walls, 10-15 years ago they were considered an integral part of each apartment.

Filling the cabinet may vary depending on its functional accessories. You can buy a wardrobe with standard content - as indicated in the catalog, or you can choose it in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

It can be equipped with shelves of different spaciousness, one or more compartments for shirts, drawers for storing underwear and other small items of clothing. It is also equipped with special design drawers with telescopic guides, or shelves for shoes, a multi-lift system, rods.

Summing up the above, we advise you to use the wardrobe compartment function for the order, which is also provided by the online store MebelOKCustom wardrobeHow can I buy a wardrobe

There are several payment options for the model you like. You can immediately pay and pick up any model that is available.

You can purchase a wardrobe under the order, describing the desired design and configuration.

You can purchase it in installments, this is the most successful way of purchasing if necessary to save.

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