What to give a guy for the New Year?

Holidays are just around the corner and more and more often the girls have a question in their head: “what to give a guy for the New Year?”.

Choosing a gift is not an easy task. This thing should surprise, please and be useful. Therefore, we approach this issue with the utmost seriousness and offer some ideas on how to present a guy for the New Year.

  • Make a gift with a romantic touch. Order a wall calendar with your shared photos or type one on a circle.
  • A gift made by your hands can be not only sweet and touching, but also useful. For example, tie a guy a scarf. You can, of course, a sweater, but you risk not guessing with the size.
  • If your loved one has a car - consider the issue resolved. Get some car accessory. No motorist has ever refused such a gift.
  • Give something delicious. Perhaps it will be a cake, and maybe your culinary masterpiece. Do not forget about the zest of your dish, it should be special, whether it is fine ingredients or creative design.
  • Make a charm of a suitable stone according to the sign of the zodiac, let it protect your chosen one from all adversity.
  • Give your beloved a sweater (winter does it anyway), thereby hinting at a warm relationship.
  • Organize a tourist trip to an exotic country, a neighboring city or just to the forest. It all depends on the financial capabilities and your imagination. You can use the help of a travel agency or plan everything yourself.
  • A great gift will be men's accessories: watches, gloves, Swiss knife. But there is a caveat, it is impossible to give all these things according to old beliefs, but there is a way out. Before you donate them, ask for a nominal fee (a couple of coins). Thus, this item of gifts goes to acquisitions and does not carry any bad energy.
  • Using a computer, make a label for your second half's favorite drink. It would be nice if you use a joint photo. Replace the standard label with yours and pack it nicely. Any drink from beer to noble champagne will do.
  • Buy a parrot and learn to say nice words.The only disadvantage of such a gift is a very long preparation.
  • Get a few lottery tickets. Well suited instant lottery where you can immediately see the winnings. You will have a great time while you are trying to torture fate. In addition, newcomers lucky.
  • In the case of sufficient financial resources, choose a cufflinks with precious stones, an expensive lighter or a Parker pen.
  • Prepare as a gift a romantic night in a good hotel. Book a room, take care of a light dinner and erotic lingerie. The night of passionate New Year's sex you provided. In addition, couples with experience changing the situation will only benefit.
  • If sorting through a lot of options you can not decide on anything, choose a classic - donate perfume. It is better that the bottle was non-standard and spectacular.

The task of every self-respecting girl is to pick a good gift, so you should immediately exclude socks, handkerchiefs and underwear from the greeting options. Razors, aftershave and cheap colognes have also become quite hackneyed. These things will definitely not please your soul mate.

We offered you several options for giving a guy for the New Year. Remember that the most important is not the gift itself, but the warmth and tenderness with which you present it.Good luck!

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