What to eat, not to want sweet

Avocados, kefir and mushrooms will help you not to gain extra pounds.

What makes us unstoppable sweets? Constant stress, imbalance in the diet, lack of vitamins and hormonal disorders. If the test of the thyroid gland did not show anything criminal, sweet tooth was lucky - you can overcome the "sugar addiction" without drugs. Willpower and a conscious desire to become healthier - that's what we need. We offer you a list of 12 most valuable foods that help not only to overcome cravings for sweets, but also to combat stress.

1. Mushrooms

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The reason that you can not safely walk past the shelves with chocolates or cakes in the store may be a lack of chromium in your body. It is necessary to introduce into the diet foods rich in chromium, for example, mushrooms.

These unique gifts of forest and champignon farms are similar in mineral composition to fruits, and carbohydrates in them, as in vegetables. Making sure you have no poisonous mushrooms,rejoice: this product is able to excrete harmful cholesterol from the body, help with mental exhaustion, improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, as well as help the thyroid gland.

2. Broccoli

Another storehouse of chromium, and also a source of antioxidants and plant fiber. Broccoli stabilizes blood sugar levels, and therefore it is a real “Masthev” for sweet tooth. You can eat it in any form.

3. Fish and seafood

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Nutritionists studying the issue of “sugar addiction” have concluded: the presence of protein in every meal helps to cope with the situation. Protein gives energy and a feeling of fullness, and when a person is full, he does not reach for cookies.

Meat is also good for us, but fish is a lighter food, and you can choose the most inexpensive varieties: capelin, herring. But fatty sea fish such as herring has a distinct advantage - it is rich in omega-3-unsaturated fatty acids. Instead of dessert, choose a magical dish of Japanese cuisine - rolls with salmon.

4. Chicken Breast

What are we looking for in sweets, for example, in chocolate? The unique amino acid tryptophan, which brings us joy. But after all, tryptophan is also found in white meat of chicken and other protein products - veal, milk. And in the chicken breast tryptophan even more than candy.


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As well as olive oil, olives and other sources of healthy vegetable fats. Anyone who excludes from the diet of fats, in order not to become fat, is simply illiterate. Fat on the human body accumulates from excess carbohydrates. And vegetable monounsaturated fats help us control blood sugar levels and give us a long feeling of satiety.

6. Salo

Suddenly, yes? Actually quite logical. Pork lard is a product unique and beloved by many athletes. Energy gives a lot, and no gravity on the stomach.

Regular consumption of a small amount of fat is needed for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and for feeding the brain.

7. Kefir

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Fermented milk products are rich in probiotics - beneficial bacteria, which act as forest “orderlies” in our intestines.

There is a theory that anomalous craving for simple carbohydrates torments many people because the wrong microflora prevails in the digestive tract. And it develops precisely because of the uncontrolled use of sweets. It turns out a vicious circle: we rampantly want sugar, because we ate a lot of sugar.Probiotics open this circle, populating the body with beneficial flora.

If kefir and yogurt are fed up, pay attention to sauerkraut - the effect is the same.

9. Cinnamon

Even the second type of diabetics is prescribed cinnamon. This spice lowers blood sugar levels, suppresses hunger. In addition, it is a natural antioxidant. Porridge, seasoned not with sugar, but cinnamon, will not seem fresh to you. To temper cravings for sweets, you can sometimes eat a spoonful of honey with cinnamon.

8. Tykva

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The one who loves pumpkin is a big lucky one. This is a carbohydrate vegetable, but the abundance of fiber does a good thing: carbohydrates are absorbed gradually, and the level of sugar in the blood does not "jump".

You can cook pumpkin soups and porridge, and you can make orange "jelly beans" - bake the pieces in the oven, seasoning, for example, with cinnamon.

10. Beans

Beans, peas, lentils - all this vegetable easily digestible protein, a source of energy for humans. Legumes contain dietary fiber for long satiety. For vegans and vegetarians this is an indispensable product.

11. Carrots

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Little trick: a little fresh carrot, grated on a large grater, add to any dish - and you will absorb the abyss of nutrients unnoticed by yourself.Sweet carrot carbohydrates are digested for a long time and will not cause sudden jumps in blood sugar, and food enriched with fiber will not stagnate in your body. The digestive system will work like a clock.

12. Sunflower seeds

When you want to suck on something sweet or something to heal your nerves, think of nuts and seeds. If you can afford an exquisite macadamia nut - great, it's a real candy, created by nature itself, with a unique taste and vitamin composition.

But there are more budget ways to pamper yourself and peck on something delicious.

100 grams of peeled sunflower seeds are equal in calories to a standard 100-gram chocolate bar, and the benefits of sunflowers will be much more.

Someone will object: after all, the seeds destroy the enamel of the teeth! Perhaps, but sugar destroys teeth even more, and the seeds contain iron, selenium, manganese, zinc, and a number of vitamins. They slow down the aging process, especially the skin.

Besides, nibbling seeds is meditative, soothes the nerves.

Correctly read the "signals" of the intestine

Julia Chumicheva, general practitioner, gastroenterologist, nutritionist
Julia Chumicheva

- Indeed, by enriching your diet with zinc and chromium, you can reduce cravings for sweets, affecting a number of biochemical processes. By the way, most of us live with a deficit or subdeficiency of these very important trace elements. I recommend to check the basic level, and then adjust. But if you look deeper at the problem of increased craving for sweets, in the first place, of course, the state of the intestinal microflora. It has long been proven that microorganisms living in our intestines have the ability to send signals to our brain, which we interpret as "what would you like to eat sweets now." Therefore, the most important point is to improve the condition of the intestinal microflora by daily use of probiotic products, as well as to work out existing problems together with your doctor. In addition, it is important to analyze your diet in terms of glycemic and insulinemic indices. For example, dairy-dairy products and meat, which have a low glycemic and high insulinemic index, are not recommended for dinner. And, of course, fruits with a high glycemic index, too.

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