What if your husband is a scary workaholic?

Workaholism is a big problem, and if the spouse is a workaholic, this only complicates the situation. But this can and must be fought.

Find out why a spouse became a workaholic

To help the spouse cope with the problem, first find out the reasons for his workaholism. They may be as follows:

  • The so-called complex of excellent students, which is manifested in the desire to achieve success at any cost. At school, such a person did it for the praise of his parents, at the university he tried to get a good profession. Now he is doing everything to climb up the career ladder and knows perfectly well that nothing will come out without effort and labor.
  • Financial difficulties. If you constantly complain about the lack of money, then do not be surprised that your spouse began to disappear at work. He just wants to do everything so that his family does not need anything.
  • Greed. Such a workaholic can be very wealthy, but he will still strive to earn even more money.
  • Problems in the family or in other areas of life. Work may be a kind of refuge and a way to escape from trouble. Some men become workaholks only because their wives constantly "saw" them, that is, reproach, express discontent, try to teach life.
  • Thirst for glory. Some believe that efforts and efforts will help them to become successful, famous and popular.

How to be?

Useful tips for loving wives:

  1. Teach your spouse to rest. Yes, it may seem strange, but some workaholics simply do not know how to rest, do not know how to do it. Your task is to show that it is pleasant and not at all harmful. For example, ask what he would like to do at the weekend, as he imagines the perfect holiday. Try to make your man a better weekend. And do not necessarily make him sit back, because you can choose some not only a pleasant, but also a useful way of spending time. He will probably understand how great it is and complete rest will become a habit.
  2. If the husband always comes late, then try to do everything so that he wants to hurry home.Create the most cozy and quiet atmosphere, cook your favorite dishes, watch yourself, so that the spouse looks at you with pleasure. And do not talk about problems and matters, do not touch on unpleasant topics. Realizing that the house is good, the man will do everything to get there as soon as possible.
  3. You can try to show that the husband is very necessary at home, and the household cannot do without it. For example, politely and gently ask him to perform some kind of strictly male duties. In addition, if you have children, then always emphasize that they also really need a father, and in the present. Let the baby ask dad to play with him, do crafts, help with the lessons, give advice or just talk to him. In addition, the spouse must take an active part in all matters and decisions.
  4. Just try to talk. Your man may not be aware that his workaholic bothers you. Tell him about your feelings, how you miss him, how you would like to spend as much time with him as possible. But it is important to conduct the dialogue correctly. Do not put ultimatums like "or me, or work", do not press on pity and do not threaten. Try to find out why a man spends so much time at work that it gives him.Tell us how you could spend your free time.
  5. What to do if the spouse has an excellent student? Try to increase his self-esteem so that he finally understands that he is loved for who he is, and he no longer has to make titanic efforts to show everyone what he is capable of. Constantly praise your husband, talk about how much he does for you and for the family, how successful he is.
  6. In order to "lure" the spouse from work, offer him to do favorite things. This can be a match viewing, going to the movies or playing cards. In addition, you can take an active part in the activities of your loved one in order to spend as much time with him as possible.
  7. Try to make a schedule and follow it. For example, on Monday and Tuesday, a husband can stay late at work, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday he must arrive on time, and Saturday and Sunday will be entirely devoted to family and rest. Take from the man a promise not to break the schedule and hang him in a prominent place. If he forgets about him and zasitsya at work, then call and politely and carefully remind of persuasion.
  8. Encourage every day or even an hour spent at home.For example, if today the spouse came on time, then tomorrow invite him to meet with friends or arrange a romantic evening.
  9. You can try to make a bias on the fact that workaholism can be harmful and dangerous to health. Tell your spouse that the constant fatigue and work "for wear" can disrupt the work of the nervous and other important systems. If the spouse does not believe you, then you can go to the doctor together and ask the specialist to tell about possible threats and risks.
  10. How to behave if the cause of workaholism is the desire to improve the financial situation? First, stop complaining about not lack of money if you do it. Secondly, learn to save money so that there is enough money and the spouse did not feel the need to increase income. Thirdly, you can try to improve your financial condition by starting to work or earn money. But know the measure, otherwise you will also become a workaholic. In addition, you need to show and prove that there is enough money, and everything suits you. For example, start saving for something and making large purchases or open a bank account.
  11. Grow to become an interesting conversationalist and attract a husband.Learn all about his hobbies, try to take an active part in the classes. Support any topic, show a lively and genuine interest in all that your spouse likes.
  12. Become the perfect wife for a man to strive to spend all his free time with you. Always look good, wash, clean, cook, arrange romantic evenings. Soon the husband can understand that you are trying very hard and will start paying you more attention.
  13. Show how you and your children are bored and melancholy without the head of the family. Tell us that you really wanted to play a family game in which everyone should definitely take part. You can ask your child to call dad and talk about how he misses.
  14. Give some examples that will show that the family is more important than the job, and the time spent in labor will eventually be very unfortunate.
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