What if you are obsessed with jealousy?

We girls are also capable of jealousy, and even of what kind! And this is not surprising, because we are more emotional than guys. Some of us are obsessed with this feeling so much that they do not stop at anything: they can arrange disassembly in public, check the mail on his phone endlessly, and read the messages of their partner ... And not seeing anything wrong with that. Meanwhile, jealousy does not strengthen relationships, but, on the contrary, leads to their destruction. Therefore, one has to struggle with destructive emotion. How? Let's figure it out.

For a start it is worth understanding why jealousy arises at all. Here are the most common reasons for this feeling:

Fear of being humiliated by betrayal

None of us would like to become a deceived heroine in a romantic story without a happy ending. When fear reaches its peak, panic and jealousy begins. You begin to look for signs of treason everywhere in order to catch your partner on the approach, even if he is innocent as a child.

How to handle it?

Life shows that if a man wants to change, he will always find a way to do it. It is a mistake to assume that an active search for signs of treason will prevent his marches to the left. No. He'll just be ten times safer. Moreover, total control can provoke your partner to commit adultery, even if he did not plan to start a novel on the side, because if he is already accused of obscene behavior, why not comply? A decent man like this mistrust certainly offended. He will tolerate for a while, and then he will get tired of constantly sniffing shirts and checking his phone and mail.

What if you are obsessed with jealousy?

No, I do not urge to turn a blind eye to obvious signs of betrayal, but if everything is good in your couple, and the man does not give any reasons for jealousy, do not try to look for something that does not exist. Nothing good will come of it.

Fear of being abandoned

It seems to you that you have found that one and only and with which you must live your whole life. The idea that you can lose this person seems unbearable to you. It is worth your partner to look at a girl passing by or linger at work for ten minutes,as you immediately see in this a threat to your alliance.

How to handle it?

Realize that none of us are immune from parting. No one will ever give you guarantees that you will not be left alone. Relationships are based on mutual feelings, and not on any guarantees, so it is completely pointless to demand from a man a confirmation of eternal love. It's good, if your pair really takes shape and you create a strong and lasting alliance, but such things happen by themselves, they can not be planned. And if you will press on the partner, he is unlikely to be inflamed with the desire to spend the rest of his life with you.

Live here and now, enjoy life, enjoy relationships and do not try to forcibly keep a man with you. If you are dear to him, he will be near you anyway.

Low self-esteem

You consider yourself unworthy of love, and it seems to you that he is with you only out of pity or because of the lack of a better option. And it stands on the horizon to appear more beautiful, smart, interesting, he will immediately throw you and run to the next. As a result, relationships are reduced to self-discovery, any communication between your partner and the opposite sex painfully hurts you and causes an attack of jealousy.

How to handle it?

It is important to understand that each of us is interesting and attractive in its own way. It's time to drop school complexes and start living. If a man is in a relationship with you, then he liked you. Do not kill his feelings for you self-doubt. When you start a complex, you give others to understand that they are not good enough, and at some point your partner will ask yourself a question: maybe you really are not suitable for him?

Develop self-confidence, find interesting activities not to be boring, work on yourself, improve yourself, and then he will be jealous!

What if you are obsessed with jealousy?

Of course, it also happens that jealousy arises because of deliberate provocations: your partner praises other women, flirts with them in your presence, disappears at night where it is unclear. In this case, the reason is rather in him, not in you.

The fact is that not a single man who loves and appreciates his soul mate will deliberately provoke her to jealousy. If he allows himself to do this, this is a clear violation of a person, and you should fight not with jealousy, but with a man

How? Say goodbye to the rascal without regret.

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