What if the guy does not call?

What if the guy doesn't call?

What if the guy doesn't call?

Romantic and quite successful first date, intimate conversations ... And suddenly he was gone and did not call. What is the reason? Did you do or say something wrong? Do not worry if the guy does not call you for a few days - better think about how to kill time while waiting for a call to something useful.


What to do if the guy does not call: do not panic



The first and most important rule of successful relationships with the opposite sex is not to panic, if the guy does not call for several days. First of all, always remember that even after the most successful date, the guy may not call for several days just like that - to whet your interest in him.


In the end, men also have their own rules, and one of them is the “three days” rule, which prohibits guys from calling the girl they like during the first three days after the date. Secondly, do not be nervous in anticipation of a phone call and look at things more widely - no need to immediately blame yourself, most likely, the lack of a call from a guy has a very sensible explanation.


Do not make fast conclusions



If a guy doesn't call you for a few days, don't make hasty conclusions. The biggest mistake that can only be made at the beginning of a novel is to start thinking that the reason for the absence of a call is in your external unattractiveness, internal flaws, and so on. Spending so much time worrying about a guy who can not even call first, you immediately give him power over your heart - and you hardly know him!


Psychologists, for example, claim that your reaction to the absence of a call is a reflection of how you feel about yourself: if you are worried about the fact that the guy does not call you, it means that you are not at all confident and ready for anything just to get some attention. Instead, concentrate on yourself - remind yourself that you are beautiful and worth a lot more!


Start looking for another guy



If two or three days have passed after your date, and he still hasn’t called - give him some more time. But if it's been a week already - boldly start new searches, because in this situation it's already clear that the guy you like does not call. So, it's time to go to the club with a girlfriend or to answer messages of guys in a social network - do not get hung up on who is not going to give you attention and time.

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