What to do if bruises appear

Causes of bruising
They are mainly caused by injuries and are often confused with hematomas. However, the hematoma is much more dangerous than bruises, because it may be infected. Hematomas should be immediately referred to the hospital.
Now back to the bruises. If they appear on the body for no reason, this means that the walls of blood vessels can easily break, because they are not strong enough. This is mainly due to the lack of vitamins and microelements in the body. However, there may be other reasons, for example, any internal diseases (liver disease, impaired blood clotting, and so on).
It is worth noting that bruises appear in women much more often than in men. The fact is that in the weaker half of humanity, the vessel walls are more permeable due to estrogen and progesterone. Also, bruises from capillary fragility can occur in those women who regularly carry and lift weights.
How to cure bruises?
The best option is to attach a bag with ice, you can also use the package with frozen peas. Under the influence of cold, the vessels constrict, the surrounding tissues stop soaking with blood, swelling and inflammation decrease.
Also, bruises can be cured with ointments and medicines. If the bruise is not strong, they will help prevent bruising. The most popular means are angioprotectors (they counteract edema, reduce inflammation, and reduce capillary permeability).
Please note that if you have earned two or more bruises as a result of the injury, you should not treat them yourself as a hematoma. If you have received many superficial bruises, it is possible that internal hemorrhage may occur. Its presence and absence can be checked only by a traumatologist.
How long is a bruise treated?
Fighting bruises can take from a few days to a whole month. It depends on the characteristics of the organism, on the size of the bruise, on the place where it appeared.

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