What program to edit photos

You will need
  • - Personal Computer;
  • - Adobe Photoshop;
  • - Gimp program;
  • - program FastStone Image Viewer;
  • - Internet connection.
Among the many image editing programs, the undisputed leader is Adobe Photoshop. This program will be necessary for you if you are engaged in photography professionally or prepare pictures for printing. If you are an amateur or a novice photographer, Adobe Photoshop is also quite suitable for you, thanks to the simplicity and clarity of the interface.
Adobe Photoshop allows you to apply almost all the effects and techniques known in analog photography to an already digitized photograph. You can get the effect of solarization, isogel, easily adjust the color scheme, �pull out� the details from the shadow using the Curves function. The program Adobe Photoshop can automatically adjust the brightness, contrast and color that will allow you to simplify and speed up the process of editing photos. Just keep in mind, Adobe Photoshop is a paid program.
If for any reason you do not want to purchase the program Adobe Photoshop, then you can use the service Photoshop Online absolutely free of charge. This service will be of interest to you also by the fact that during its operation the resources of your computer are practically not used. The program itself and temporary files are located on the server, which saves disk space, at the same time removing the requirements for compatibility of the program with the operating system.
An alternative to Adobe Photoshop is the Gimp editor. This free image editor looks very similar to Adobe Photoshop, but is not a clone of it, and you will need to get used to its interface. Gimp was originally developed for the Linux operating system, and currently has versions for both Windows and Mac Os. Versions of Gimp for Windows load rather slowly, but in terms of functionality they are quite comparable with Adobe Photoshop. At the moment, Gimp is completely Russified.
For photo processing, you may not need the full range of functions of powerful graphic editors. Pay attention to the program FastStone Image Viewer. Being primarily a program for viewing graphics, FastStone Image Viewer has many functions for editing and converting images.For ease of operation, this free program is not inferior to many paid ones, and the retouching and color correction functions of FastStone Image Viewer are simply excellent.

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