What men do not forgive women?

The ability to forgive is very important in a relationship, but it is impossible to forget some mistakes. And what a man does not forgive a woman?

List of unforgivable mistakes

So what does a man not forgive a woman?

  • Treason. According to statistics, the overwhelming majority of men are not ready to forgive adultery to their women. And the main reason is not jealousy, but a strong blow to self-love. In general, male pride is vulnerable and fragile, so if a woman cheated on a man, then she considered the other better. Because of this, the husband, who learned about his wife’s infidelity, will begin to look for flaws in himself, engage in self-criticism, try to figure out what triggered the “campaign to the left. As a result, the insult to the traitor will not only be forgotten, but will intensify.
  • Betrayal. Men, as a rule, are not so gullible as many women, therefore it is extremely difficult to gain their trust. And if it was possible to do this, then the representative of the stronger sex will always believe in everything. Betrayal will be for him a thunder from the blue, make you feel like a fool, deceived by someone whom he considered a close friend.By the way, the concept of "a knife in the back" can be interpreted in different ways: it can be flirting with another, communicating with the enemy, disclosing secrets.
  • Men do not forgive women for systematic lies. One innocent deception is the first “bell”, but the situations are different and, probably, it was not good. A constant lie is unacceptable, because relationships are trust, and a strong half of humanity understands this perfectly.
  • The superiority of women. That's why the stronger sex is called that way, and although the era of patriarchy has passed, almost every man still believes that he must be the head of the family and the leader in relationships. Indeed, even in nature, the males perform the basic functions, including protecting the female and offspring. And if a woman takes the leading positions and moreover demonstrates it or indicates her superiority, then the pride of the faithful will definitely be hurt, and he is unlikely to forget it.
  • Discussion of shortcomings. Although a man can accept some of them and even try to eliminate them, he will not understand if his woman begins to openly point at them in public, even if he is having a conversation with relatives or close friends.Such details should not go beyond the relationship.
  • Humiliation of manhood. If a woman allows herself insulting or caustic remarks about the second half concerning the topic "below the belt", then he immediately doubts his worth as a sexual partner. And this is not only a banal insult: for a man it is important to be the best and satisfy a woman in bed, so careless words can lead to so-called psychological impotence or lack of desire to have an intimate relationship.
  • Reproaches for failure. Even if the spouse has lost his job, does not have a steady income, or cannot fully tidy up the housing, in no case should he be blamed for the fact that he is a worthless husband or father. Such words can lead to depression and make the representative of the stronger sex really believe that he is weak, helpless and not capable of anything. In difficult situations, he needs support, not reproaches and insults.
  • Public criticism. And the matter is again in a fragile pride that is so easy to hurt. You can express discontent in private, but you don’t need to “wash the dirty linen in public” and publicly insult the second half, even if you believe that the insults are justified and deserved.
  • Questions about the shortcomings.If the accusation of them can be attributed to emotions, then the questions indicate that you think about imperfections or want to eliminate them, that is, the guy or spouse is not ideal for you, and this is unforgivable.
  • Denial of intimacy, and at all stages of the relationship. So, at the very beginning of the novel, the notorious "No" can be perceived as a lack of sympathy or emotion. And why then to continue all this? When passion develops into love, lack of desire can make a man think that a woman either does not feel attracted or has connections on the side. After 5-10 years, sex can turn into a marital debt, but in this case the refusals and excuses strongly offend the man: if the wife constantly has a headache, he will start looking for other ways to meet natural needs, which ultimately will provoke adultery. Anyway, the constant failure in the vicinity - a huge threat to the relationship.
  • Comparison with other men. Never remember your ex, even if in some ways they were examples to follow. And do not point the faithful to the merits of other men, because if you compare him, for you he is not the best, which again touches his pride.
  • Mercantile.If a woman is interested only in money and material wealth, then why is she needed? And the point is not that it will worsen the financial situation. Just a man will think that he can no longer attract a woman. Well, or she just lives for her own pleasure, which is also unacceptable.
  • Stupidity. Many believe that men love stupid women, but it is not. Yes, in the early stages of a relationship it is nice, but if the noble remains at the same level and does not develop, then it will become uninteresting to her.
  • Pathological jealousy. To live with a man who constantly accuses of treason is simply unbearable. And even if jealousy is justified, it will strain and enrage the man, and in the end he will simply leave.

Is there a chance to be forgiven?

Can a woman who has made mistakes hope for a man's forgiveness? It depends on several factors. The first is the character of the stronger sex. If he is a serious, categorical and self-sufficient person, he is unlikely to want to live with resentment.

The second factor is the attitude towards the woman. If she is the beloved wife for whom the spouse is ready for anything, then forgiveness will surely be received.Of course, the offense may periodically be remembered, but if the man find the strength and the firm decides to throw her out of my mind and memory, you have every chance to further complete a successful relationship.

The third factor is the concrete situation. So, if a woman does not consider herself guilty, does not draw conclusions, and especially systematically makes the same mistakes, then a man will come to the conclusion that his pious woman does not take him seriously or is simply a real bitch, to live with whom it makes no sense . If the offender is aware of his guilt, sincerely apologizes, promises to continue to behave differently and the more longer allows missteps, the offended can forget its faults.

Knowing the unforgivable mistakes and starting to change habits and behavior, you can not offend your man and build strong relationships without any excuses and quarrels.

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