What does it mean to fill the mouthwash?

Sometimes you can hear someone in a conversation utters a phraseology "stuffed with edge". At the same time, not everybody present is able to understand the meaning of the spoken speech turn, therefore, it is often necessary to focus only on the emotional tinge of what has been said. So what does the phrase "stuff nauseam" mean and in what case can it be used?

Meaning and etymology

The meaning of this statement carries a negative implication. This verbal construction means that the object in question has bothered the speaker so much that as a result he has a feeling of disgust and a painful dislike for this object.

Such a statement can be used in a direct, medical sense, because this is the name of the special reaction of the human body to sour food: lemons, unripe fruits or berries. Such a nagging feeling can arise from the frequent use of plums or green apples.

It manifests itself in the form of a decrease in the sensitivity of the tooth enamel and the resulting sharp pain, which disappears almost immediately when the subject of irritation is eliminated.

The verb "fill" in this embodiment means "to rub, causing unpleasant sensations." The word "rim", in turn, is derived from the obsolete "crumple", meaning "to hurt" or "whine." After a few years, the stable expression began to be used in a figurative sense, denoting what was strongly pinned or fed up. It can be found even in classical literature - at one time, the phraseologism in the works was used by Krylov, Chekhov, Sholokhov and others.

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