What is useful to do?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
October 8, 2014
What is useful to do?

How often we spend our free time without any benefit. As a result, cases of varying importance accumulate, problems remain unresolved for a long time. We offer you to spend at least part of your free time more rationally. About what you can do in your spare time, read on.

Restore order

Why not arrange in your free time a general cleaning of an apartment or at least one of its rooms?

  • Take the kitchen - pay as soon as the free time attention to a particular cabinet. As a result, after a couple of cleanings in the kitchen you will have the perfect order.
  • Bring to mind the things in the wardrobe: throw away what you no longer wear; Sew and scrape the right clothes.
  • Disassemble the drawers of the desk, clearing space from random things and filling it with the necessary stationery, paper, beautiful folders, diaries, disks, etc.
  • Do not forget to visit the bathroom, do closets in the hallway, on the balcony / loggia and in the pantry.Highlight special items for items that cannot be sorted and simply stack them in one place.

We solve old problems

Do you tend to postpone for a hypothetical tomorrow something that you do not really want to do today? Then you probably know the situation when the load of deferred affairs begins to put moral pressure on the conscience. To periodically shrug off this unbearable burden, take the habit at least once a week to solve one urgent problem in your spare time.

  • Go to the doctor or visit another specialist you need.
  • Write a letter, make a request, make an appointment.
  • Initiate an important conversation that was postponed so long.
  • Take a trip to another city for business.
  • Go on a diet.
  • Sign up for courses, gym, etc.

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