What is useful oatmeal diet?

Oatmeal everyone knows from childhood. The availability and ease of preparation have made it a popular breakfast in many countries. Despite the high caloric content, the diet on this porridge is popular and is famous for its effectiveness. The only condition - you need to eat it without adding milk and butter, as well as fruit.

Oatmeal diet:description
Duration:from 5 to 10 days;
Features:is a mono-diet;
Cost:about 30 rubles for a pack of oatmeal 450 grams;
Periodicity:diet is repeated once every six months;
Pros:improves digestion, gives a long saturation, ease of preparation;
Minuses:not suitable for people with diseases of the stomach and gall bladder. When gluten intolerance such a diet is strictly contraindicated!

If this diet does not suit you, you can read about buckwheat with kefir for weight loss in this article.http://kakpohudet.su/573-grechka-s-kefirom-dlya-pohudeniya.html

Weight loss: up to 5 kg

In the oatmeal diet is nothing complicated. This cereal is the only product that you will consume for 5-10 days.There is no clear volume, you choose the portion size, but remember that porridge is nutritious and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. In addition, drink non-carbonated water at least one and a half liters. Another of the drinks allowed only green tea.

Before noon, the addition of a green apple is allowed in porridge, and in the evening a glass of low-fat kefir is suitable for a better metabolism. If the diet lasts more than five days, you should include saturated fats - for example, mix 1 teaspoon of any butter with a serving of porridge.

On an oatmeal diet, you can eat as many times a day as you are accustomed to. But divide meals by an equal period of time and the same volume.

To finish the oatmeal diet you need to gradually, gradually introducing into the diet vegetables and fruits, then dairy products, and at the very end - lean meat and fish. This is done in order to exit from the diet was not for the body stress, which ends with a violation of digestion.

How to cook oatmeal flakes for oatmeal diet?

With an oatmeal diet, you can cook flakes in two ways. They have differences in taste, so you can alternate for a change.

1. Soak

Soak dry oatmeal in cold water for the night - this method reveals the natural sweetish taste of oatmeal and all its useful qualities. If you do not want to soak for the night, you can steam the boiling water in a thermos for an hour. All useful properties are preserved, as with soaking.

2. Low heat cooking

In this method, porridge should be cooked for ten to thirty minutes on low heat. Cooking time depends on the size of the flakes. After the cereal has boiled, leave under cover for 5 minutes to walk. So, it will turn out homogeneous and viscous, well influencing digestion.

Many modern housewives in the kitchen have a slow cooker. This is a great helper for the oatmeal diet. Just pour the grits, pour water, add a little salt and put on a delayed start. Healthy breakfast will be prepared without your participation, while you are busy with your morning activities.

Mono-diets are uninteresting due to the monotony of nutrition. Oatmeal diet is no exception. But you can prepare a healthy drink from the available products, for example, oat kefir:

- 200 ml low-fat kefir;
- 50 grams of oatmeal.

Mix everything using a blender until smooth.This is also suitable as a separate meal.
For better weight loss, porridge is eaten without salt. But for breakfast you can eat an apple or some other fruit, except grapes and bananas. On this diet, there is no feeling of hunger, as porridge is very satisfying.

Reviews of the diet say that the weight after it decreases. Oats well cleans the body, normalizes the work of the intestinal tract, gives a healthy complexion and a good skin condition. Oatmeal diet is suitable for men and women. Depending on the work of the body and metabolism, each has its own results. But they will not disappoint you!

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