What is useful bone marrow?

In the pine forest, among the fallen, dried pine needles, the berries are burning with bright red lights. It is called in different ways - a bone man, northern berries, raspberries. The name “northern pomegranate” is very common, because the sweet-sour taste and large bones remind of an exotic fruit. However, the vitamin composition of the northern berries and its beneficial properties are not inferior to the southern fruit.

Little bit about berry

According to the botanical handbook, the backbone is a perennial herb of the Rosaceae family. In height, the culture grows to only twenty centimeters, covering the ground with shoots and creeping stems with small spines, but the berries appear on fruiting, upright stems.

The flowering time of the plant is June, and the fruiting season is the end of September, when the margins and fields of coniferous forests or mixed forests are covered with red juicy berries. The forest-steppe zone and the steppe meadows of the European part of our country are suitable for growth. But Siberia and the Far East are considered to be the birthplace of the berry.

What is rich plant?

Kostya is inferior in popularity to blueberries and blueberries, having a sour taste and large bone, so it is not massively harvested, but this does not mean that the berry is less useful. All parts of the plant are filled with valuable components:

  • in the leaves of the bone trees there are tannins and alkaloids, microelements in the form of zinc, copper, iron and manganese, ascorbic acid with rutin, flavonoids;
  • ascorbic acid - vitamin C, pectin and tannins, organic acids, carbohydrates with flavonoids, phytoncides with tocopherol.

Valuable qualities

Fresh bone - real vitamin cocktail, and raw materials for preparations for the winter. Whole dried berries are added to compote or tea drinks, and ground into cereals. From dried leaves prepare aromatic herbal tea to support the body's immune system in the winter. The valuable properties of bone sculptors make this forest plant applicable as a means of:

A wide range of qualities allows the plant to be used for the treatment of many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary system, heart, inflammatory and colds.

Plant and medicine

A natural gift is a northern berry, a person has long used his benefit, getting rid of various ailments with its help. Tibetan medicine, too, has not bypassed it with its attention, widely using the leaves and stems of the plant in the preparation of healing compositions. Folk healers of our country prefer juice from berries and decoctions from the leaves of culture.

  1. The bone juices are rich in vitamin C, tannic and pectin substances, organic acids, so they can be considered an anti-scorching and procytocidal drug that is effective in combating protozoa. Juice is recommended for anemia and anemia, to improve metabolic processes and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, for cleansing - the removal of toxins with cholesterol from the human body.
  2. Broths from the leaves treat diseases of the scalp, in particular seborrhea. Therefore, healers from the people strongly recommend making decoctions to relieve itching, better detachment of dead epithelium from the scalp. Three tablespoons of dry raw materials will need four hundred milliliters of boiling water.
  3. A positive effect of bone marrow on diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. Kostyanichnye infusions with decoctions are effectively involved in the treatment of hemorrhoids and hernia. They are indicated for choking and delayed menstrual cycle in women.
  5. Infusions help to get rid of pain in the heart, they are successful in the treatment of cystitis and colds.
  6. Berry berries are an excellent antipyretic agent, which is part of the complex therapy of diseases that are characterized by high fever.
  7. Fruits of bone marrows are an ideal anti-scorpion remedy.
  8. Rheumatism and gout greatly facilitate poultices from the leaves of the plant.
  9. The healer's fresh culture leaves are recommended to apply to sore and reddened eyes.

We offer several means of traditional medicine from the leaves of the bone:

  1. Recipe for decoction from the leaves of the plant. The leaves are crushed with stone, take one tablespoon of the mixture, pour a glass of boiling water and boil for ten minutes over low heat. The broth is cooled and filtered, stored in a cold place for no longer than five days. Drink three times a day one tablespoon.
  2. Recipe tincture of the leaves of the bone. The leaves are crushed and dried. Fifty grams of raw material is poured half a liter of vodka and put the container in a dark place for three weeks to insist. Then the infusion is stored in the refrigerator, taking half or a whole teaspoon three times a day.

Plant and cooking

From the fruit, the bones make different sweet dishes, because they perfectly match with sugar and cream, milk and honey. Berries are good for making compotes, jams and preserves, drying for the winter. But the main dishes can not do without the wonderful northern berries, where it is used as an additive to sauces and seasonings. Meat dishes get spicy sourness and magical aroma.

There is a bitter wine with a rich color, excellent taste, light astringency and unsurpassed odor. What else is stunning cooked from the stone:

  • fruit drinks with kvass;
  • syrups with juices;
  • jelly and jelly mousses;
  • seasoning with vinegar.

The most rich fortified composition in fresh berries, but also sprouted with bone sugar, which is stored for a long time, is a miracle as good and useful.

We offer several recipes for drinks and berry dishes:

  1. For the preparation of kissel from the dowsers you will need one glass of berries, one hundred grams of sugar, forty grams of starch from potatoes and a liter of water. First, dilute the starch in two hundred grams of liquid. Pound berries with a wooden mortar, pour in the remaining water and podvarivat a little,to separate the stones and the broth is brought to a boil. Then add starch with sugar to it, bring it to a boil again and turn it off.
  2. A recipe for kvass from the stone You need four glasses of berries, two hundred grams of sugar, ten grams of yeast and three liters of water. Berries are ground, poured, boiled, filtered. Put sugar in the broth and cool it. Then yeast is introduced and insisted for two or three days to ferment.

What should be considered?

Kostyanik has minor contraindications, including an allergic reaction in case of individual intolerance. This applies to people who have “special” relationship with strawberries, strawberries, raspberries and other similar berries.

It is recommended to use it carefully for persons suffering from high blood pressure. The damage of a bone-stone can cause those with thrombophlebitis and varicose veins, so this category of patients is strictly contraindicated. And everything else, to eat fresh kostyunik and dishes from it, is a must!

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