What is the beneficial use of ants?

Some plants that grow literally underfoot and sometimes destroyed by gardeners have many beneficial properties. For example, the Tribulus have long been successfully used in traditional medicine for a variety of diseases. Learn how to use them correctly.


Yakorets creeping are an annual plant that is found in different parts of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, and Central Asia. You can find it in the meadows or fields, near country roads, in the steppe and desert areas. The Irish, who are also referred to as the earthen chilimus and gokshura, have stems covered with small, fine spines on the ground. The leaves are pinoperous and dark green, the flowers are small in size, are colored yellow and are located alone on small pedicels.

Tribulus begin to bloom with the onset of heat (approximately from mid-April) and end almost with the first frost. After the flowers fall off, fruits are formed in their places, each of which has five small spike-covered stars.

In folk medicine, wide use was made of all ground parts of anchovies, including stems, flowers and leaves. Some also use roots. The collection of raw materials should begin after flowering. The prickly plant needs to be taken from the earth with hands, having previously put on gloves. Next, the anchors are dried and stored in a tin can or canvas bag for a year.

Composition and use

Various nourishing and valuable substances are found in the composition of the creeping ants: alkaloids, tannins, resins, essential oils, saponins, flavonoids, glycosides, organic acids, vitamin C.

Plant Tribulus has numerous beneficial properties:

  • Medicinal properties were detected by pharmacologists, who began using the plant for the manufacture of anti-sclerotic drugs that strengthen vascular walls, prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques and minimize the risks of blood clots.
  • The plant has a tonic and tonic effect, allows you to recover faster from injuries and severe illnesses.
  • The application has a beneficial effect on the nervous system: it improves sleep, relieves insomnia, protects against the negative effects of stress.
  • The anchors are very useful for men and, under the condition of correct and regular use, help to solve several problems: normalize the potency, improve sperm quality by increasing the viability and motility of the spermatozoa. The plant also contributes to the relief of inflammation in sexually transmitted diseases, including syphilis and gonorrhea. In folk medicine, the herb is also used for male infertility.
  • Tribulus useful for immunity, strengthen the body's natural defenses, increase its resistance during colds. When an acute respiratory viral infection or flu has already begun, the plant speeds up recovery, relieves the condition, prevents the development of complications.
  • It is worth noting the pronounced wound-healing properties, due to which the application is effective for wounds, burns, ulcers.
  • Athletes anchors will help increase endurance, gain strength, make training more productive.
  • The plant has an antibacterial effect and destroys the pathogens of certain infections, including intestinal infections.
  • Antioxidant effect neutralizes the activity of free radicals dangerous for the human body.And this means that the prevention of cancer is ensured (by preventing cell mutations), and the processes of oxidation and aging of tissues are slowed down.
  • With the help of ants, you can improve digestion, stimulate the motility of the intestinal walls.
  • There is evidence that the plant stimulates lactation in lactating mothers, increases milk production and improves its quality.
  • With regular use improves the functioning of the urinary system.
  • Tribulus contribute to the normalization of blood pressure.

Indications and contraindications

Tribulus is used for male sexual dysfunction and impotence, infertility, edema, beriberi and exhaustion, intense physical exertion, sleep disturbances, hypertension, lactation extinction and lactation crises, atherosclerosis, constipation, non-healing wounds, ulcers, burns, irritation, ulcers, burns, ulcers, ulcers, burns, ulcers, ulcers, burns, unhealthy wounds, ulcers, burns, ulceration, lactation and lactation sexually, various infections.

Contraindications include increased hypersensitivity to the plant, hypotension (lower blood pressure), renal or hepatic failure, pregnancy, age to eighteen years, severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Important! There are poisonous substances in the composition of the Tribulus, therefore, firstly, do not exceed the permissible dosages, secondly, conduct the treatment after consulting a doctor and under his control.

Methods of application

The use of anchors creeping in different ways:

  1. With atherosclerosis and hypertension, a decoction is recommended, which is prepared as follows: a tablespoon of raw material is poured into a glass of boiling water, the mixture is simmered on the slowest fire or water bath, the hour is infused, filtered and boiled with warm water to the original volumes. You need to take a third of a glass before meals three times a day.
  2. To normalize sleep fit tincture. Ten tablespoons of ants are filled with a liter of vodka. The composition is insisted for three weeks in a dark place, filtered. It is recommended to take 30 drops about an hour before bedtime.
  3. Infusion on the basis of ants will increase male potency. Preparing a tool is simple: you need to pour a full tablespoon of raw material with 300 milliliters of freshly boiled water. Let the mixture stand for an hour in a closed container, strain it and drink half a glass before a meal at least three times a day.
  4. To increase activity and endurance, and also to strengthen immunity it is possible with the help of useful tea. Pour a teaspoon of dried grass with a glass of boiling water. Let the drink stand for half an hour, strain and drink one half on an empty stomach before breakfast, and the second - before going to bed at night.

Yakortsy creeping very useful! Learn to apply them correctly and take precautions to strengthen your health.

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