What are pixel glasses?

Glasses - as a stylish and interesting accessory - an important part of any image, with it, both female and male. This, seemingly at first glance, small detail can set you apart from the crowd, refresh your image and give you a special touch of spice, provided, of course, if the glasses are chosen correctly.

The variety of forms of frames and lenses, colors and models allows modern women of fashion to choose the option that best emphasizes her individuality. But, what to hide when you rotate in the same society, dress in the same stores, it is so difficult to preserve that very uniqueness, every day becoming more and more attached to a dull and faceless mass.


But this is absolutely optional, perhaps it’s time to change something, and against the background of bright and stylish accessories, recently, pixel-style glasses have become very prominent.

What is this miracle? Actually, everything is simple, but incredibly interesting: glasses "8 bits" or, as they are also called, "gamer glasses", were created on the basis of the cult computer toy Minecraft, in which the whole world consists entirely of blocks with textures rather low resolution.

Remember how in childhood we played games on computer consoles? The whole 8-bit world of these wonderful toys was created by means of pixel graphics, which in turn consisted of pixels - small but very distinguishable multi-colored squares.

Everything consisted of them - the world, our characters and opponents, bonuses and other trifles. Pixel glasses are a unique and fashionable accessory that transfers pixel graphics to the real world.

We will determine the style

As we have already said, pixel glasses got their name absolutely not by chance, their frames are made in a special way in the form of pixel steps, which give them a toy, fantasy gaming look. But how to choose such a miracle for yourself? What can they be combined with, but where will they not fit at all?


If you look at such an accessory at least once, then it becomes immediately clear that they, in no way, are suitable for business or office style, no matter how hard you try. Best of all, they fit into informal youth movements such as hipster, trap, SWAG and other democratic subcultures.

But this does not mean that if you are not 20 years old, then you are already too old for such an accessory, not at all! There are many exampleswhen adult women skillfully combined 8-bit glasses with other youth gizmos, creating stylish and very harmonious ensembles.

But in this case it is necessary to approach the creation of your own image with all the responsibility, in order for such an accessory to look appropriate, you need to add some youth thing appropriate to this direction in the general ensemble, for example, fashionable short denim shorts, jeans with a torn shirt, a sweatshirt interesting print or lettering and so on.


Do not forget that even classic, if you can call them that, black pixel glasses, which in a hipster bow will look as organic as possible, in the usual urban or sports style will look completely out of place.

This accessory can be called capricious, it requires a special frame and, one can even say, a lifestyle. Ideally, if you can complete the whole image with fashionable sneakers in bright colors, platform sneakers or brutal grunge-style boots.

What are pixel glasses?

Despite the fact that you will not find them on sale very often, and some manufacturers claim that gaming glasses are exclusive, you will still be surprised at their diversity of models.

As a rule, the frame for them is made of ordinary plastic, and the lenses are made of organic plastic, which is able to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays, and, therefore, also protect your eyes. When choosing such an accessory, be sure to pay attention to the hinges, it is desirable that they be made of metal - so they will last you longer.

There are 8-bit glasses without glasses, which is very convenient to maintain the image: it turns out they can be worn even in everyday life and in a room where there is no sun, as a stylish and fashionable accessory.


The color gamut of such glasses is really great, the rim can vary from classic black and white, to acid or pastel shades, as a result, everyone can choose a model for their own bow.

There are options with printed frames, for example, a fashionable space theme, a leopard or interesting ink stains, only you can choose! The price of such a fashionable and interesting accessory varies within 5-10 dollars, and, therefore, every willing girl can afford to be unique and stylish.

In the more expensive sets, in addition, a microfiber case can be used, which can, from time to time, wipe the glass.And finally, pixel glasses are a stylish and original gift for all fans of computer games. Imagine the delight of your fellow programmer or gamer who will receive such an unusual gift? His enthusiasm will have no limits, you can be sure.

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