What is happiness?

What is happiness?

What is happiness?

The main goal of every person on Earth, regardless of his age, gender, race and character, is to become happy. But what lies behind this concept of happiness? How to become happy, what will help and how to relate to this? For more than one century, scientists from around the world have been trying to answer this question, but they cannot come to a unanimous decision, because, as such, there is no answer. But still it is necessary to understand the speculations and conclusions of some people, maybe they can can help you find your happiness.


The concept of happiness at different times



Happiness translates from ancient Greek - the fate of a man protected by gods. People believed that if a person goes through life with the help and protection of God, then he will definitely be happy.

Aristotle had completely different arguments, he believed that happiness is the soul that lives in a good and enlightened person. And man must be a virtue.

Today this word is understood a little under a different meaning. For example, in almost all textbooks on philosophy, happiness is described,as a psychological and emotional state of a person, during which he feels full satisfaction and control over his life.

The most interesting thing is that the modern representative of mankind cannot feel fully happy. The frequent emotion that a person experiences is fear and fear that he can never become happy. It is this factor that makes him seek more and constantly seek his happiness.


What is happiness for a person?



Every person is free to choose the criteria for which he will be happy. Such criteria can be very diverse and individual, but often people base themselves on these:

  1. Harmony
  2. A family
  3. Love
  4. Self-realization
  5. Success
  6. Material well-being

You can add a few more points to the main criteria of the court, but mostly people rely on this data. Of course, we can not generalize, because each of us is unique and has its secret dreams, which, perhaps, are the basis of happiness.

What is happiness?

What is happiness?

So, if the guarantee of your happy life is children, a wife, a healthy family, then this is what you will strive for throughout life.If happiness is for you, this is material well-being, then you will have a completely different goal, and, accordingly, your vocation and methods of its realization will be completely different than in the first case. It is important to note that if you base material well-being, then you become very vulnerable, because everything acquired on a long journey can be lost. And the fear of this loss will not let you enjoy the happiness in full.

There are also people for whom the guarantee of happiness is spiritual growth and personal development. Representatives of this category will most likely read a lot, be enlightened in every way, strive for knowledge, in general, do everything for the sake of knowledge.


Ways to achieve happiness



From what we have read, it can be concluded that to achieve complete happiness, there are two ways, let's look at them in more detail.


The outer path to happiness


Choosing this road, a person determines for himself that the main value in life is the outside world. To achieve his goal, such a person will try to improve their financial and material condition, will get friends, family and children. In this case, he will feel happy, but the problem is that this feeling will not last long.This situation can be compared with the one when a small child is given a gift, some kind of toy or surprise. At first, he will be very happy, happy, he will give her all his attention, protect and care. But soon this traction will pass, and the child will want a new subject of his attention. This process can last forever, that's what the external path is bad for.


Inner path to happiness


It is not necessary to go along the external road, where the center of your attention will be the financial condition and family, and the feeling of happiness will not last long. You can go and the inner path. In this case, the internal growth of a person is a guarantee of happiness. A person is constantly evolving spiritually, engaged in himself, his personality grows in front of his eyes, which ultimately leads to happiness.

Many people will agree that material and spiritual enlightenment can only allow them to feel happy for a while, after which everything is forgotten. Such a feeling of happiness will constantly live in your past and will not be able to help you to become happy at this moment in time.

The following way it turns out that no one can guarantee you, having gone along this or that road, to become happy.Consequently, a completely normal question is formed, what can we do in this case? Are we doomed to search for your happiness all your life? To answer these questions, let us turn once again to the concept of “happiness” and what people want when they think about it.


What do you need for happiness?



What do you need for happiness?

What do you need for happiness?

Happiness is an illusion that persecutes you throughout the life path. Whatever you do, whatever you do, all the time you are thinking about happiness. At the same time, happiness directly depends on the conditions around us. And if these conditions do not suit you, then you feel unhappy. In addition, the more you want to be happy, the more difficult it will be to realize.

Happiness is a completely natural and most important desire of a person. After all, a person’s true desire is not a car, an apartment, a job, but a desire to become happy. It is important to understand that happiness is what you want, but it is not necessary that you need it.

What do we need? - you ask. The answer is simple - get something that can give you confidence in the next day, calm down, linger for a second and figure out what you really need. Learn to feel yourself and your desires, to live for today, and not for the past or the future.

To find real peace and happiness, the first thing you need to realize and understand your essence at the moment. Realize who you really are and why you live. By doing this, you can fully experience happiness.





  • Happiness comes to those who work hard (Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci)
  • Happiness and enjoyment are two completely different things (O. Wilde)
  • If you want to be happy - be it! (K. Prutkov)
  • Happiness is a by-product of the effort to make someone else happy (Mr. Palmer)
  • Misfortune can be an accident. Happiness is not grace and not luck; happiness is merit or virtue. (Grigory Landau)
  • Do not chase after happiness, it will always be in you.
  • The road to happiness is not always asphalt. (T. Capote)
  • Happiness does not seem to anyone as blind as those to whom it has never smiled. (F. La Rochefoucauld)
  • A person is happy only when he is in his place. (L. Vovenarg)
  • Happiness is the area for which we chase while it rolls, and which we push with our foot when it stops. (P. Boast)
  • If they built a house of happiness, the largest room would have to be taken under the waiting room.
  • During each minute when you are angry, sixty seconds of happiness are lost.

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