What is emotional infertility

According to recent studies, a large percentage of women of different ages are "emotionally fruitless." So experts call the representatives of the weaker sex, physiologically capable of pregnancy and childbirth, but not doing so, because they can not find a suitable, in their opinion, candidate for fathers.
Red magazine conducted a sociological survey of 3,000 women, 54% of whom themselves admitted that they did not give birth because they did not find men suitable for paternity. At the same time, even women who are already married do not aspire to procreate.
Because of the overestimated criteria when choosing a partner for themselves, girls even in marriage do not cease to look for an ideal father for their children, which leads to family conflicts and discontent on the part of male representatives dreaming about children. This, in particular, was confirmed by 22% of the respondents. It is emotional infertility that becomes one of the main reasons for divorce in every sixth couple.
Sociologists believe that this is due to the fact that modern ladies are very selective.Compared with previous generations, it is much more difficult for them to put up with the shortcomings of their chosen ones, they are more demanding and intolerant.
Unlike conventional infertility, medication for emotional suppression does not yet exist. Psychologists advise all couples who consider themselves fruitless, not to rush to his treatment and in any case not to allow conflicts on this basis. First of all, you need to join a group of psychological support, undergo a course of group psychotherapy, make an appointment with a professional psychologist.

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