What is better than Visa or MasterCard?

Visa or MasterCard

Visa or MasterCard?

Visa or MasterCard?



With the development of banking in the world, people sometimes have the question of the difference in bank cards of different payment systems. At the moment, the leaders in the production of plastic cards are Visa and MasterCard payment systems. What are they all the same different? At first glance, the average man thinks that it is only a logo printed on the surface of the map. However, everything is much more complicated.


Visa banking cards, if you follow the geography of their distribution, are more concentrated in the US. MasterCard also has the highest distribution density in Europe. Hence the general misconception that the difference between maps is in the geographical location of producers. This is not true: both head offices of these companies are located in the United States of America.


What is the matter? And the fact that Visa accepts the US dollar for the main currency, and MasterCard understands both the US dollar system and the European currency, the euro. But the reason why the difference of these cards is so important, for a simple man in the street, is still incomprehensible. And it's all about currency conversion.


The choice of a card is a responsible step.



If you live in Russia, do not go abroad and do not use your bank card to pay for purchases abroad over the Internet - for you there is no difference, as such. However, if you like to travel, it will be very noticeable. Most often, bank accounts in the Russian Federation are created in rubles - and if you travel to Western Europe with a Visa card and want to withdraw the euro there, the transfer will take place as follows. To begin with, the withdrawn amount in euros is converted into dollars at the rate of your payment system, and then your account will be withdrawn at the rate of the dollar. If you have a MasterCard card, your blood rubles will be removed at the euro rate. For the uninitiated in the mysteries of the financial operations of the inhabitants, it is necessary to clarify: the more various kinds of conversions your money undergoes, the more money you lose at commissions - so you need to choose the exact card that will be easier and more profitable to work with. If in the countries you visit, the preferred currency is the US dollar - then you should choose a bank card of the Visa payment system. If the dominant currency in the places of your visits is the euro - then your choice, of course,MasterCard.


In the third world countries, as you understand, the differences between the cards of these payment systems are insignificant. If, for example, you decide to withdraw from a ruble account, say, a yuan in China, then the currency will be converted according to the same scenario: transferring the withdrawn yuan to the currency chosen by the card manufacturer as the dominant one and withdrawing rubles from your account at the exchange rate , chosen by the bank and payment system. Both Visa and MasterCard are not inferior in terms of coverage area: in the same China you will find terminals for one and another payment system. On the territory of the Russian Federation, the overwhelming majority of receiving devices that read credit and bank cards, accept Visa and MasterCard with equal ease. Therefore, the main criterion for your choice will be the preference of the bank itself to one or another type of payment system. For example, almost any bank in the Russian Federation provides cardholders of one of the payment systems with bonuses that are simply not available to the cardholders of another payment system. Therefore, the main thing for you is to clarify when receiving a bank card the various conditions offered by the bank for its customers who have chosen this or that payment system.It is recommended to pay attention to the conditions that include transfers, withdrawals and investing funds without commissions. Although, you choose - perhaps for your convenience it will be necessary to choose a slightly different package of services.


So let's summarize - which is better, Visa or MasterCard? As you already understood, the choice of the payment system of the manufacturer of your card depends only on ease of use and is really of great importance only for those traveling to the United States of America or Western Europe. Also, for users of bank cards of various systems, many banks provide not particularly significant, but pleasant bonuses. But in general, both payment systems have proven to be very prominent in the banking services market, and since you, the average man in the street who uses bank cards, have not yet noticed the difference between them, then, in fact, it does not exist for you. Therefore, if you have no desire to travel and for a long time to look for the most suitable preferential and bonus terms for you - choose the one that you like best. You can even use a children's counting point or principle, who, in your opinion, has a more beautiful logo.Use the card of any of the proposed payment systems wisely, the main thing is that you like it and do not have the slightest problem with operation.

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