What is bedding like

Today you can see the sale of a huge number of different types of bed linen in Moscow. It is made from a wide variety of materials, so it differs in its characteristics and is used in different cases.

Some types of bedding feel great for everyday use, while others are recommended to be used only occasionally.

Bed linen

In addition, bedding also varies in size, there are bedding formats that are suitable for different beds - they can be single or double, as well as children's formats and bedding designed for use by newborn children. Also, bed linen is also different in its external design, as, for example, in this bed linen catalog, where buyers are given the opportunity to purchase such linen, which will be successfully combined with the bedroom interior.

In any set of bed linen there is a duvet cover, a sheet and a pillowcase. The most important difference between types of bedding is the fabric from which it is made. Each has its advantages and features that need to be considered when choosing bed linen.

For example, one of the types of fabric used in the manufacture of bed linen is coarse calico, which is made from cotton fiber. This fabric is durable and durable. It is a good choice for linen, which will be used every day. Calico is not afraid of washing and retains its original appearance for many years.

The most popular types of fabric for bedding include satin. It has a glossy shiny surface and a bit like silk. In addition, sateen is characterized by high strength and durability. He also like calico is not afraid of frequent washings. Satin can be made of both cotton and synthetic yarn.

Recently, jacquard has been used very often. It is a decorative type of fabric that provides the ability to create a convex pattern.In the manufacture of such a fabric, cotton, synthetic or mixed fibers are used. Jacquard is a thin fabric with a smooth surface. Especially expensive bed linen is made of jacquard. Jacquard also has a good durability.

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