What is a frame?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
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What is a frame?

The word "frame" is formed from the English word "frame". Translated into Russian, this is a "frame or frame." In the general sense, it is accepted to call a frame a certain structure, a part of something whole, which contains relevant information.

And what is a frame in different areas?

Interpretation of the word "frame"

Frame in the social sciences

Each person has their own framework of behavior and awareness of themselves and others. That space, that area of understanding that is inside this framework, is called a frame. This is inherent in such sciences as sociology, psychology and other similar ones. People comprehend themselves and others in the frame.

Artificial Intelligence Frame

The frame is the volume of knowledge embedded in artificial intelligence, which allows this intelligence to respond to life situations as close as possible to real people. Since this intelligence does not develop on its own, but is entered by engineers, it is always limited. Therefore, the notion of a frame applies to it.

Frame in programming

That is the name of the area of the browser that currently displays information on the site. Using the scroll bar, the user modifies frames.

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