What gift will please the doctor?

If you are lucky enough to find a truly experienced and attentive doctor, then you are very lucky! And to make a person pleasant for such a difficult profession, you can please him with a gift. But what exactly to give a medic? Let's find out!

What are the reasons to give presents?

The reasons for presenting gifts to doctors are many. The first is attention as a sign of gratitude for the responsible attitude towards the patient. The doctor spent time and energy on treatment, constantly monitored the patient's condition, did everything to solve his problem, and it is worth a surprise for it. The doctor will be very pleased to understand that he is trying not in vain.

The second option is a birthday surprise. But not all patients have information about such a date, so this reason is not the most common. But there are many other holidays for which gifts are given. The first is International Women's Day or Defender of the Fatherland Day, depending on the gender of the medic. Also, gifts are made for the New Year. And one more indisputable reason is the Day of the Medical Worker.

What should be the gift?

In order for a gift to be liked by the recipient and remembered, he must meet several requirements:

  • Originality. Approach the gift choice creatively, so that it gives the doctor pleasant emotions and is remembered. The ideal option would be a personalized surprise, made-to-order or hand-made.
  • Utility. An ordinary patient hardly knows what the doctor needs. But if the gift is presented to a colleague from another medician, it will be much easier to find out the needs and wishes, for example, during a conversation over a dinner or a cup of tea.
  • Do not give something intimate and personal, it can embarrass the recipient and become an excuse to think that the donor has any intentions.
  • No hints and vulgar jokes. Of course, most doctors are people with a sense of humor, but if you decide to make a cool gift, then it should be funny for everyone and kindly funny, and not involving mockery, sarcasm or ridicule.

Gourmet Gifts

What to give a doctor for a holiday? Often medics are presented with various gastronomic gifts, and among the most popular are alcoholic beverages and sweets. And it is because of the popularity of such surprises do not need to present, because they are enough. In addition, not all doctors use alcohol, and it is not easy to guess the tastes and preferences.The same applies to all sorts of sweets.

Nevertheless, some gastronomic gifts may be in demand and useful. One of them is good expensive coffee, for example, natural or sublimated coffee. You can also serve and elite tea, but not the usual, sold in cardboard packaging in stores. It is better to choose a sheet drink, packaged in an original can.

Often physicians, caring about their patients, forget about themselves. Fruit will be an effective and enjoyable way to maintain the health of the doctor. But it is better to choose different ones, including exotic and expensive ones, which the recipient probably never tried. A good addition to this gift will be the original design, for example, a basket decorated with ribbons or flowers. And you can order a beautiful, creative and delicious fruit bouquet.

Unfortunately, the salaries of physicians working in public institutions leave much to be desired, so many of them cannot afford expensive products. And surely the doctor will be pleased with some delicacy: good cheese, smoked sausage, bacon and so on.At first glance, such gifts seem out of place and strange, but they certainly will appeal to the recipient, they will surely be used for their intended purpose and present gastronomic pleasure.


If you want to make the doctor a useful gift, then choose one of the following options:

  • Portable phone charger. Far from all offices have sockets, in addition, doctors go on calls or stay on night duty, so the ability to charge a means of communication is not always there. A portable battery accumulates electricity and allows you to charge the device, regardless of whether there is a current source nearby.
  • Stationery and work supplies, such as a diary, a set of pens, a folder for documents, an organizer. Moreover, all these items can be personalized, and the physician will certainly appreciate this approach.
  • Give a wallet or a business card. Although with such a gift you risk not guessing the recipient's tastes.
  • Money. They are always needed and all, although some believe that giving them is not accepted and indecent. But such a gift will be much more useful than another bottle of alcohol or a box of chocolates: the recipient will be able to buy what he needs.

For the soul

Doctors are ordinary people who need to relax, rest and get pleasant emotions. For example, a woman can be presented with a certificate for visiting the spa or a gift card from one of the cosmetics stores. Also, the doctor can give a ticket to a concert or a movie, and the best with a public date so that the recipient does not have to change plans.

A smoking male doctor can donate expensive cigars or, for example, a cigarette case. Also, the doctor will appreciate the elite alcohol, which will compare favorably with the often presented usual alcoholic average cost.

For home

Coming home after a hard day at work, any doctor wants to get into a comfortable environment. And to create comfort, donated decorative elements can be used, such as:

  • Wall or desk clock. Their doctor will be able to put or hang up both at home and in the office.
  • Certainly useful and complement the interior of the original table lamp, which can be made in the form of a figurine.
  • Picture. Its recipient will be able to hang on the wall in his apartment or office.
  • Vase. Since doctors give many flowers, this accessory will probably come in handy.
  • A miniature fountain is a very original gift.
  • Beautiful set of dishes. As kitchen accessories fail, they will always be relevant.
  • Quality bed linen will also be used for its intended purpose.
  • Indoor plant, and preferably unpretentious, so that it can grow in all conditions. You can also give a flower with the system of automatic watering.

Pleasant trifles

If the budget is very limited, and you want to please the doctor, you can give him a statuette, a doll or a toy in the form of a health worker. Another interesting option - a flash drive in the form of a doctor or a pill. You can also donate a cool mug with a thematic image or pattern that changes when heated. Another nice little thing - a creative key chain.

How to present?

Even the best gift will not be remembered and will not give pleasant emotions to the recipient, if you present it incorrectly. First, it is better to do surprises personally. Secondly, you need to find the right moment at which the doctor will not be very busy. So, you can give a gift during the reception or after the end of the shift, going into the office. Catching a doctor in the hallway is not worth it: for sure he is in a hurry somewhere and therefore will not remember you and what you gave.

If the recipient has time, then add a surprise with pleasant words and gratitude for the work. But in any case, make a nice gift and attach a card in the package, in which you should indicate your details, as well as write your wishes.

Be sure to please the doctor with a useful and original gift!

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