What flowers can be grown on the balcony?

If you have a balcony, you can turn it into a real blooming garden by choosing the appropriate plants.

What plants can be grown on the balcony?

What flowers can be planted on the balcony of an ordinary apartment? We list the most unpretentious and beautiful:

  1. Geranium. This flower has not the most pleasant smell, but on the balcony it will instantly erode and remain imperceptible. This plant loves light, so it feels great even in direct sunlight. Spray the leaves should not be, but watering should be fairly moderate (it is best to produce it as the soil dries). In winter, geranium can be removed in the room, and it will continue to grow and delight you.
  2. Bell. This beautiful and romantic flower will actively grow in the turf or leaf soil, provided sufficient watering occurs as the soil dries (it should be moderate in winter). Lighting should be quite bright, then in the warm season, scattered light is preferable, since direct sunlight can destroy this plant. Leaves sometimes need to be sprayed.
  3. AgapanthusThis plant is suitable mixture of greenhouse and clay-turf soil with a small amount of sand. This flower feels great in the sun, but can tolerate penumbra. In winter, the pots should be put into the room, but it should be pretty cool. From about the middle of spring to the middle of autumn, agapanthus requires abundant watering, then a period of rest comes, in which the soil should be only slightly damp. The humidity of the air should be increased, so that the leaves should be regularly sprayed with water. Also, this flower requires fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.
  4. Heliotrope grows in leafy, coniferous or soddy soil. Lighting should be sufficient, but the plant does not tolerate direct sunlight. During the flowering period, heliotrope should be plentifully watered, while in the winter watering is reduced. To feed the flower should be every two to three weeks of complex fertilizer. Periodic spraying is also helpful.
  5. Fuchsia is a very unusual and beautiful plant that does not like bright light and high temperatures, so it will feel most comfortable on the north balcony. From spring to autumn, watering should be abundant, drying up the soil can ruin fuchsia.
  6. Begonia will grow and bloom in turf, peat or leaf soil.Illumination should be sufficient, but diffused light is more preferable. In the summer begonia will blossom on the balcony, and for the winter you can take it home, but certainly set it in the sun so that it gets the necessary amount of light. Requires abundant watering, the soil should always remain wet. Humidity should be elevated, so spend regular spraying.
  7. A balsam will feel good on the balcony, but only at a rather high temperature (not lower than 15 degrees). For flowering requires exposure to the sun for several hours a day, the rest of the time the light should be diffused and moderate. Sometimes balsam leaves need to be sprayed, but the flowers should not fall on the flowers. Watering should be abundant, especially in late spring, summer and early fall.
  8. A mimulus or sponge has interesting and bright flowers that will delight you even in the shade and on the north side. This plant does not tolerate direct sunlight, so it is better to place the pot with it in a shaded place. The soil should always be wet, so provide plenty of water.
  9. Petunia is known to many and grows on most balconies.This plant loves the light, but still it is better to take care of it from direct sunlight. In addition, special attention should be paid to soil moisture, ensuring regular and fairly abundant watering (on hot days it should be carried out twice a day).
  10. The portulak perfectly transfers direct sunshine and heat, and also does not require frequent watering, but always pleases with beautiful and bright flowers that will create a great mood. Portulaca leaves accumulate moisture, so even the drought is not terrible.
  11. Calendula is not only beautiful and bright, but also a useful flower that is used for therapeutic, cosmetic and preventive purposes. But such a plant will bloom only on the sunny side, as it is very fond of light.
  12. Torenia. The flowers of this plant are very bright and beautiful, so they will enliven and refresh the balcony. The light should be quite bright, but still diffused. In addition, regular and abundant watering is required, as the soil must always remain wet. Best of all the standing will feel on the north balcony.
  13. Calceolaria. Such a plant does not tolerate direct sunlight, as well as too high temperatures, so it is best to place it on the north side.Watering should be abundant and regular, but moisture should not fall on the stems and leaves, as they can begin to rot.

How to place?

The flowering plants themselves are a wonderful decoration, but if you pay attention to their original placement, the balcony will become even more bright and beautiful.

There are several possible accommodation options:

  • The boxes. They can be placed around the perimeter of the balcony at the bottom or at the top of the railing. They can be put in special baskets (they are sold in specialized stores) or secured with containers.
  • Original look flower decoration, made with pots, hanging on chains. You can grow different types of flowers.
  • You can use pots. Purchase holders for them and place some pots with different plants.

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