What dreams lemons

At the mere mention of lemon, saliva accumulates and the characteristic sourness in the mouth is clearly felt. How much "sour" life promise dreamed lemons, dream books tell.

Dream Aesop

Dream dream lemon treats a lemon as a sign of something unpleasant, causing heartburn and gnawing, lemon forest symbolizes a desire to achieve peace of mind.

Buying lemons in a dream symbolizes fatigue from moral and spiritual torments and the desire for cardinal changes in life, growing the lemon tree promises an exciting trip to exotic places.

Green lemons mark sorrowful events for some of the relatives, and there are them - to sadness and disappointment.

Dried lemon dreams of unprecedented success in all matters; squeezed warns that you will try to take advantage of selfish friends; quarrels promise quarrels and torments of conscience because of reckless acts; sweet promises good news; blooming marks a worthy appreciation of your prudence; there is a sour lemon - to unexpected problems due to its own levity.


Lemons dream, to what? Marriage with a person who has a difficult temper; squeezing lemon juice - to poverty, to drink it - to judicial litigation.

Female dream book

Lemon trees with a thick crown and ripe fruits signify suffering because of unjustified uncontrolled jealousy or envy.

I dreamed that you ate lemons - soon disappointment and humiliation await you, green lemons foreshadow an infectious disease, dried ones warn about parting with your loved one.

French dream book

Lemons in a dream signify melancholy and obstacles in affairs, but also further consolation in obtaining an imposing state. There are lemons - to the betrayal of the beloved.


To see a lemon in a dream - to soon good news, to peel - to avoid a formidable danger thanks to its own promptness, to squeeze the juice - to sad news.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

Lemon dreams of problems, losses and grief; receive it as a gift - a warning about secret enemies, give - you will be able to prevail over your enemies.

Modern dream book

What dreams of lemons: to see them foreshadows hard feelings and grief, boredom, sadness, blues, depressive and dull state; there is - will have to endure humiliation and frustration.

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