What does the hairstyle in the life of a woman

This question may seem strange: well, what self-respecting woman will leave the house without a haircut? However, not all so simple. Those who are short need only brush their hair, and some people spend a lot of time to put all sorts of styling products on their hair, curl or, conversely, straighten their hair and, as it is now fashionable, give some haphazardness to the hairstyle, and owners of long hair create real hairdressing masterpieces from French braids on their heads.

No wonder women pay so much attention to their hair, because it is the most important element of their image. With the help of the hairstyle, the same woman can create a completely different image: in the office, a collected and pulled business woman with a strict bunch of hair on the back of the head, at a friendly party - relaxed and risky fatal woman with a shock of disobedient (but carefully laid) curls ,on a picnic - a young athletic woman with a little naive horse tail ... And when it comes to a romantic date, especially the first one, the choice of style and hairstyle turns into a real problem.

In order for your hair to withstand such “massive attacks” using the most up-to-date achievements of the science of beauty, they need to be constantly maintained in a tonus, timely fed, in short, properly care for them. Most women know perfectly well how to do this, but not all take into account another aspect - that hair grows healthy, they need a regular haircut. Then the hairstyle will not be spoiled by fragile cut ends, and the hair will grow faster.

What does hair mean in a dream

Hair, especially women's hair, has long been endowed with magical properties, and it was not without reason that Christianity, Islam, and Judaism required married women to cover their hair. For a Russian peasant woman to appear in public a simple-haired, that is, with uncoated hair, was considered a disgrace.

Dreams, in which hair appears, have always been considered particularly significant. This is not only a haircut, but also washing, combing and other manipulations with hair.Today, many are dreaming, if not skeptical, then as a kind of entertainment, and it is in vain. Many true dreams are reliably recorded in the history, and who knows, maybe in a dream you will find a solution in a difficult situation or in time you will feel the danger coming from an unexpected side?

Or maybe the answers to the questions that your brain is trying to find while you sleep are hidden in this dream book. After all, active, but mysterious work of the brain does not stop at night, and some intuitive findings can sometimes change our life, give it a new impulse or, on the contrary, protect it from wrong steps.

No one will argue that you need to blindly believe in dreams, but to listen to them is definitely worth it. And for this it is worthwhile to believe the centuries-old experience of dream interpretation.

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