What do the flags mean?

Many people, looking at flagpoles, want to know what the flags of different countries mean. What do all these stripes, crosses, colors and not always clear symbols mean? Below you can learn about the meaning of the flags of the largest states.


Flag of GermanyThe black-red-gold flag of Germany originates in 1813. At this time, Europe resisted the conqueror Napoleon. German volunteer students who united in the Freedom Corps actively defended their homeland. Volunteers wore black capes with a red fringe and golden buttons. Every time Germany fought for its independence, it was precisely these colors that entered the historical arena. And in 1949, the black-red-gold flag was approved by law, and the flowers were given an official interpretation: black symbolizes dark years of reaction, red is the blood of patriots shed in the struggle for freedom, gold is the sun of freedom.


It is simply impossible to say exactly what the flag of France means. There are at least three common interpretations. The first of them says that the vertical stripes of the French flag are the embodiment of the national motto: Liberty, Equality Brotherhood.The second version was very much loved by the teachers of French schools, who convinced children that the colors symbolize the main sections of the society since the formation of statehood: blue - the bourgeoisie, white - the clergy, and red - the nobility.

France flag

However, there is another explanation for the colors of the flag of France. The blue color symbolizes freedom, and given the fact that the flag of France appeared during the revolution, it looks more than logical. White color symbolizes purity, peace, innocence and is closely associated with the Virgin Mary, highly revered by the French. Red color symbolizes blood, struggle and revolution, which gave the French their national symbol.

United Kingdom

The modern flag of Great Britain appeared at the beginning of the 17th century. Then King Jacob VIFlag of britainalong with the Scottish throne, he also inherited English. Naturally, he had the idea to create a united kingdom. Moreover, he received the flag for the new country by combining the banners of Scotland and England. On the flag of Scotland (white oblique cross on a blue background) just put a red cross on a white background (the flag of St. George), which was the flag of England.


Flag of australiaThe blue background of the flag symbolizes honesty, kindness, loyalty, peacefulness and chastity. In the upper left corner is the flag of Great Britain, which says that the country belongs to the Commonwealth under the British crown. In addition, the flag depicts 6 white stars: 5 of them form the Southern Cross - the main constellation in the sky of the Southern Hemisphere. But the sixth star symbolizes Australia itself: its 6 rays are the continental states, and the seventh is the outer territories.


Flag of CanadaThe red stripes on the sides of the Canadian flag symbolize the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, between which the country lies. The white color symbolizes the French monarchy (originally Canada was the French colony), and the red color is the color of the cross of St. George, which is the color of Great Britain (now Canada is part of the Commonwealth). The maple leaf is a symbol of the unity of all the inhabitants of the country, and the maple is the most common tree in Canada.


Flag of indiaThe top saffron strip of the Indian flag symbolizes the courage and strength of the country's population. The lower green bar is a symbol of fertility, natural wealth and rapid development.And between them is a white stripe as a symbol of peace and truth. In this lane, the wheel of Ashoka's Lion Capitals in Sarnath is drawn, symbolizing the chakra.


Japan flagThe red circle on the white background of the flag of Japan is unequivocally interpreted as a symbol of the sun. It is believed that this flag appeared in the XII century, when Japan was at war with the Mongol hordes. The authors of this flag are Buddhist monks who were the first to think in this way that the rulers of Japan were descended from the sun goddess.


Flag of chinaThe red flag of China is uniquely associated with the communist party that governs this country. A big golden star is a symbol of the leadership of the party. As for the 4 smaller stars, they most likely designate four classes: peasants, workers, intellectuals, and the proletarian bourgeoisie.


On the flag of the United States almost all past and presentUS flagconstruction. The 13 lanes symbolize the thirteen colonies that stood at the origins of an independent state. 50 white stars on a blue background symbolize the number of modern states. As for the meaning of colors, red symbolizes valor, dark blue - justice, attentiveness and hard work, and white - purity and innocence.

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