What care does a turtle need?

Turtles are amazing and very interesting creatures that are not bad for keeping in our houses and apartments, the main thing is to observe all the necessary conditions for them. They do not cause any special troubles and worries, do not tear furniture and do not knock over vases, do not make noise and quickly become a true friend for their owner.

And yet, acquiring such an animal, you should think more than once, and this is exactly what you always wanted? First, the tortoise is a pet for many years, which will require constant care and care. Rasters for maintenance will also appear, because without specific conditions the animal will quickly fall ill.


Also, we should not forget that you will not play much with a turtle, it practically does not react to stroking, and therefore it bothers children rather quickly. But if you decide to buy such a pet because of the desire to recreate a piece of beautiful exotic in your apartment, the turtle is the best assistant in this business.

A healthy turtle in a beautiful and well-kept terrarium looks much more profitable,than a turtle in a box, constantly crawling from one corner of the room to another, therefore it is very important to approach the purchase of this creature with all seriousness.

Most people do not know in advance how to properly care for a domestic turtle, because this moment can also affect your decision to acquire such a pet. So, let's get acquainted with the basics of proper selection and maintenance of turtles.

How to choose a home turtle?

Most often, at home they keep land (Mediterranean, Central Asian) or aquatic (marsh, red-eared) turtles. Ground representatives are easier to care for, but in spite of this, aquatic species are more popular - they are cheaper and have brighter colors.

If you are an amateur in this matter, it is better to start with simpler species of turtles, as exotic individuals are much more demanding in terms of their conditions. It is best to acquire a teenage turtle, since very small turtles are quite vulnerable to various diseases, and it is more difficult to grow them than older brothers.

You should not buy two or even three turtles at once, do not worry, your pet will not be bored alone, but closely, over time, it can become.Do not forget that they can grow up to 30 cm in diameter, and the width of the terrarium should be three times larger than this figure!

Turtles are not particularly sociable creatures at all, they live alone in nature, females have no developed maternal instinct, and even if they get bored, they quickly find something to entertain themselves with.

Next - where to buy an animal? It is not necessary to immediately run to the pet store, first look at the ads on the Internet: there are cases when people, several months after buying a turtle, refuse it for some reason.


In this case, you will get the animal for free, and help people: by the way, in such cases, they sometimes give pets with all the necessary equipment. Usually, red-eared, Central Asian, marsh and other similar turtles are given away for free, but exotic species, most often, are paid for denyushku, but still cheaper than buying at a pet store. If nothing of the kind has been found, then contact specialty stores with a good reptilian department.

When choosing a new friend, make sure that the tortoise is active and vigorous, without visible damage to whitish raids, it should walk well and swim.The pet is best borne in warm weather, so the risk of picking up an unpleasant sore is reduced, for this you need a closed box with small holes for ventilation.

If you already own a reptile at home, and you buy a new one in addition, you need to be sent to quarantine to start a new one, to observe it for 1-2 months, and only after that you can place it in the main terrarium.


So, you are already at home with a new pet. How to name a pet? Someone works with his own fantasy, and someone needs help, especially for this, there are special tables of names where you can choose any that you like.

Usually, the turtle is given some funny nickname, for example, the name of the hero of a favorite cartoon or comic book, film or character of a book. For example, Cheburashka, Pokemon, Mandarin Duck, Terminator, Cupcake, Uncle Vanya, and so on. Next, you need to deal with the conditions of the new friend.

Turtles at home should be kept in special aquariums or terrariums, it is important that they fit. Water turtles necessarily require aquaterrarium,in which water should occupy about 2/3 of the entire area, the rest of the space is organized in the form of a small island with a comfortable rough trap.


Despite the fact that aquatic turtles love to swim and spend most of their time in the water, it is very important that they have access to land, otherwise they can simply drown. The aquarium for adults should be no less than 200 liters, only so that the animal can feel comfortable.

Above the island, be sure to place a special lamp that will heat the surface, the temperature of the content is 25 ° -30 °. In a large terrarium there should be a special filter for water purification, but, despite this, the water in a small aquarium needs to be changed at least once a month, and in a large one as it gets dirty.

Land turtles should live in special terrariums with a bottom covered with 3-x cm-centimeter ground level. On the ground, you need to put a small shelter for the turtle, in which she can hide from prying eyes.

In summer, when the air temperature exceeds 20 °, land and semi-aquatic turtles are recommended for walking in fresh grass, where it can soak in natural sunlight, most importantly, avoid direct sunlight.

Decoration for an aquarium

With regard to nutrition, then, of course, in their natural environment, such animals themselves choose the food they need, which is involved in the formation of the shell. At home, it is very important to provide a varied diet for your pet: the land species feed on both animal and plant food, while aquatic species eat only plant food.

Turtle plants need carrots, cabbage, watermelon or melon peels, apples, lettuce, zucchini or pumpkin. Once a week, you can give a little ground beef, be sure to provide a drink - usually for this fill a small bath, in which the animal can climb.

In order for turtles to receive the full range of essential vitamins and microelements, they are necessary, no more than once a week, to be fed with special additives and calcium in the form of powder, which favorably affect the health of the animal and the proper formation of its shell.

At home, when the air temperature is maintained at a certain level, there is no need for hibernation in the winter, sometimes it can even harm your pet's health.

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