what do hugs mean

what do hugs mean

What can embrace mean



It has long been the custom that hugs are an integral part in our life, they are just as necessary as food, water and oxygen. It can be said that hugs are also communication, only without words, in which both people receive new positive feelings and energy. In childhood, each of us was embraced by parents, besides brothers, sisters, grandfathers and grandmothers. This, if we are related to family ties, but there are still friends and friends, so at the young age, their hugs also brought a lot of pleasure, although with age this situation changes. The bottom line is that a person shares his arms only with people close to him.

Probably, few people read the book by Yu.B. This statement is true not only for children, but also for adults to the same extent.

Family therapist Virginia Satir revealed that for a normal development of a person, he needs to receive at least twelve hugs a day. Based on the conclusions of these experts, you can get a fairly simple scheme (from best to worst):

  • 12 hugs per day will help a person to develop at a normal pace
  • 8 hugs per day provide a person with good health and increased tone
  • 4 hugs a day are vital to man

You can not even pay attention to figures and statistics, so it should be clear that the body heat transmitted by embraces is of great importance for the grown up organisms, and especially for the growing up.

Friendly hugs can be put in a separate category, because they have their own properties and actions on a person. Scientists have proven that:

  • Hugs significantly reduce stress. This is because the body begins to intensively allocate a sufficiently large amount of endorphins (these are substances that are anesthetizing for a person, and they also cause euphoria). In addition, hugs have a positive effect on the immune system.
  • Children who received a lot of warmth and affection grow healthier, and their psyche is more balanced.
  • The arms have a beneficial effect on a person’s feelings, they give feelings of love, protection, need, and also relieve excessive tension and anxiety.
  • Hugs increase the level of happiness.

In the next category can be attributed the embrace between a woman and a man, in this case, they are talking quite about other things. During courtship, a man will pay more attention and warmth to his half than during their living together. This happens for a very simple reason: in this way, a man shows and shows with his arms that he wants to take possession of a girl, but while it’s too early to talk about sex life, he only has to do with it.

what do hugs mean

what do hugs mean

Hugs - the most common type of touch, because you can hug anytime, anywhere. And the feeling of security and belonging like both men and women, but the latter have their own views on this matter. The fact is that women take a hug for a sign of love from a man.

Also, there are big differences in the feelings of men and women, which they receive during the embrace. Women are very sensitive to the emotional ties that come with their arms, but men are much more like the feeling that comes from touching the female breast.


Opinion of men to hug:


  1. Feels warm and caring
  2. Hugs give a sense of security
  3. Some during the embrace realize that a real friend is nearby.
  4. Getting great pleasure
  5. Calm while hugging
  6. You can smell your loved one
  7. Touch makes you consider yourself loved.


The opinion of women to hug:


  1. During embraces there is a feeling of warmth and care.
  2. Woman feels protected
  3. Sometimes there are moments when for a girl hugs are reduced to psychological support.
  4. One feels connected between partners
  5. There is a feeling that you love
  6. Mood improves, and life gradually improves.
  7. There is a sense of necessity and belonging
  8. Hugs play the role of comfort in a difficult moment.
  9. Body like girls like
  10. When embracing an exchange of feelings, no matter good or bad.

If we compare two points of view, male and female, then we can see that the first has no such item as “necessity”. And indeed, girls attach much greater importance to the feeling of kinship and intimacy; this is their nature. But the security of the embrace felt by both sides.

Below we look at some of the behaviors of men, what male embraces mean, and what they influence. Not every man is able to speak beautifully and confidently, especially when it comes to feelings and love. Therefore, further it is necessary to ask a question about what kind of hugs a male can have, then you will understand without words how your partner feels towards you.


What does a man's hug mean?



Hugs are accompanied by a gentle hand stroking the back.


If your boyfriend or man is accompanied by a light stroke, then most likely he has really serious intentions about the relationship, it is possible that he loves you. So do not be surprised if in a short time he tries to move to a new level.

Sexologists argue that stroking in some vulnerable places of the body can provoke a partner for intimacy.

In addition, if a partner pats you on the back, it may be that he is very upset and lacks warmth and care. Thus, he tries to achieve reciprocity in order to feel love and affection.

In that case, answer him, and of course, ask him if everything is all right.


The man hugs the girl from behind, at the same time secures his hands on the levels of her breasts


This is a very important step that speaks volumes.Usually, a man by such an act shows that he is crazy about you, even if he does not say it out loud. Everything has already been decided in his head, but maybe, he is still unable to say. So try to take the initiative.

Experts say in this regard that a man shows in this way the seriousness of his intentions. He holds a dominant position in your relationship, and is ready to protect and protect his chosen one. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if a guy tries to hug you from behind, it may mean that, despite the level of your relationship, he still finds you inaccessible. He is trying to achieve more, but the thought flashes in his head that you are still not ready and indifferent to him. To summarize the above, it is easier to say: a man is simply afraid to look you in the eye, which is why he comes from behind. In this case, let him understand that all his speculations are wrong, and your feelings are as strong as his, after which everything will be fine.


A man with a hug hugs the girl to him


What do men hug?

What do men hug?

Without any experts, it is clear that you have strong feelings. A man wants you like no one else.That is why in his arms he presses you with all his strength to himself and gives some will to his hands. Pay attention to whether it concerns you forehead. If this is true, then he has much more serious intentions than you think. It is no longer about sex, he sees in you a soul mate. In the event that your relationship does not last the first month, then the man shows that he is ready to move to a new stage.


A man pats a girl a little while hugging


This case is not as optimistic as the previous ones. Most likely a man wants to tell you that you are just a friend to him. With his gesture he shows that he is still free. Such a relationship is unlikely to grow into a romantic.

But it is still not worthwhile to draw premature conclusions, maybe it seemed to you. Especially if the flip flops were seen only one or several times, and then for some significant reasons. For example, such a cause could be elementary care. If you are very worried and worried, the man with his gesture tries to cheer you up and says that everything will be all right. Do not take everything very seriously and categorically, it is best to wait a little time, after which everything will become clear.

Paying attention to some little things, you can understand how a person treats you, even without further ado.Just worth being more attentive.

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