What can be interesting to read on vacation?

If you have free time on vacation, which you want to spend with pleasure and pleasant emotions, start reading a book. But first find out which pieces are perfect for relaxing.

How to choose a book?

The taste and color, as they say, there are no comrades, and therefore that which will lead to an indescribable delight of one will seem ridiculous or boring to another. To choose something worthwhile and interesting, when choosing a book, be guided by several criteria. The first is your preference. You may like comedies, dramas, novels, detectives, fantasy or something else.

The second equally important criterion is mood and state of mind. Sometimes you want to plunge into the ocean of passions, even if created by someone else and fictional, but so dizzying, emotional and romantic. Sometimes you just need to relax and read something relaxed and light. There are times when you want to “tickle your nerves,” and at other times the desire to think about life and its meaning comes to the fore.

The third criterion - the features of your vacation.For example, if you spend it on the seashore, then you probably want to feel this atmosphere of lightness and happiness when reading a book. And if the vacation takes place in a cozy country house, then it is better to choose a simpler piece, which tells about simple life, human feelings and cozy happiness.

What to read?

So, what can be interesting and interesting to read on vacation? We offer top best books for the rest:

  1. "Dandelion Wine" by Ray Bradbury. This work is considered to be one of the most summer and romantic, and when you read it, you will literally feel the breathtaking smells of the warm season. Readers will be able to look at the world through the eyes of a twelve-year-old teenager and spend the summer with him, forgetting about the problems, stereotypes, routine duties and difficulties of real life. The main character lives in sad, disturbing, mysterious, bright and joyful events, makes discoveries and understands that he is immensely happy only because he is alive, feeling and breathing. This timeless classic will give pleasant emotions and make you look at life differently.
  2. "The Last Romantic."This book, written by Elizabeth Gilbert, tells the story of a man who ran away from home and decided to become a hermit. He settled in the mountains, refused all the benefits of civilization, began to fire and hunt, in order to isolate himself from the modern world and build his own, into which he then invited others. After reading this work, you will certainly think about what is really important: to remain yourself and understand yourself or go with the flow and exist like everyone else.
  3. "Chocolate". Roman Joanne Harris tells of a mother and daughter who came to a quiet French town and literally filled the life of its inhabitants with bright colors and unique aromas. The woman decided to open a shop of sweets to please others and give them pleasant emotions, but she came across conservative views and lack of readiness for something new and unknown. The main heroine Vien starts a fight with society: some consider her a witch, others - a good sorceress. But in any case, the life of the town, which literally burst into chocolate happiness, will definitely not be the same. And readers will literally feel the pleasant taste and will want to change.
  4. Listing the best books for a pleasant stay on vacation, it is worth noting another no less “tasty” piece by Joanne Harris - “Blackberry Wine”. The main character Jay is a writer who lost inspiration. He goes in search of himself and the muse and finds several bottles of blackberry wine, which once made an eccentric gardener who disappeared without a trace. And this sweet drink turns Jay's life, forcing him to immerse himself in memories, thoughts, searches for meaning and truth, feelings and real magic.
  5. If you decide to spend your vacation at sea and are afraid to get bored on the beach, take along Neil Gaiman’s book “All New Tales” The author has collected the most interesting scary stories about the other world, the approaching darkness and impure forces, pursuing people. All stories are short, so they will not tire you, but they will definitely make you nervous and look back, feeling cold breathing behind your back. The book will help pass the time on the beach or "tickle your nerves" during a relaxing holiday.
  6. Lovers of the detective genre will surely appreciate the “Call of the Cuckoo” by Robert Galbraith. The book made a splashand under the pseudonym was the famous Joan Rowling. And this talented writer has once again proved that she masterly masters the skill. But now she has offered a detective story with an exciting and completely unpredictable plot, riddled with mystery, danger and unexpected events. In general, everything is in the spirit of Rowling, including a polished gorgeous style.
  7. Gregory David Roberts wrote the book "Shantaram", which is ideal for idleness and long vacation. This is an amazing story, which is a "cocktail" of spiritual rushing, searching for the meaning of life, exciting events and crimes, high feelings and descriptions of the life of Arab Aborigines. The main character was sentenced to nineteen years old, but managed to escape from prison and get from Australia to the distant Bombay, where he continued his forced criminal activities for the sake of survival. Then he meets love, then loses it and finds it again. And all this is told so vividly and cordially that the novel will not leave anyone indifferent.
  8. "Just together", Anna Gavalda. Calling the best books is worth mentioning this one.It contains thoughts about loneliness, feelings, happiness, about life, suffering and various events. The second novel of the author is full of pleasant and not very emotional piercing story about everyday routine, deeds, failures and victories, achievements and failures, cases and coincidences. This truly kind and very wise work has already managed to conquer millions of hearts, receive several awards and become the basis for the film.
  9. The “runaway”, written by Alice Munro, appeared relatively recently in the CIS countries, but it was already appreciated by reading lovers and newcomers to this business. The book is a collection of different stories about relationships and meetings, betrayal, feelings, changes, surprises of fate, random and non-random events. All the plots are capturing, and the characters are described so vividly and simply that everyone can recognize themselves or their relatives and even find answers to some questions.
  10. Yann Martel, "Life of Pi". This is a story about a simple Indian boy, who by the will of fate was alone in the sea with dangerous predatory animals. He talks about his thoughts, doubts and fears, fantasies and dreams.The plot contains descriptions of amazing places bordering on fiction. Sometimes the main character Pi said goodbye to life and did not understand where the reality was and where it was fiction. The work is bright and emotional - what should be the vacation.

These were books that were perfect for reading on vacation.

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