What autumn dresses will be fashionable in 2016?

Even in the fall, you can and should look stylish and feminine. And will help in this fashionable dress. But which ones will be particularly popular and relevant in 2016? Find out this before you go to the store!

Step One: Style

In the autumn you want something cozy and comfortable! And fashion designers took this into account when creating styles.

The following will be popular in the fall of 2016:

  • Trapezium This style was very popular in the 60-70s of the last century and again became relevant. Stati, it fits almost everyone, as it allows you to hide flaws and emphasize femininity. In this dress will look romantic and cute as a slim girl, and a magnificent beauty.
  • The dress-sweater is very comfortable and warm, so it will be perfect for autumn! But this option is not very suitable for ladies with appetizing forms, as a large knit adds a few centimeters to the volume, and a small one can emphasize the flaws of the figure (especially if the material is adjacent to the body).
  • Volume models or "oversize". If in the summer everyone aspires to show the body, including with the help of a fit, then in the fall such a desire fades away. Designers offer a lot of interesting almost dimensionless dresses. And in order to look more interesting in such a dress, choose a model of asymmetric cut, which will also be relevant.
  • A straight cut will also be in the trend, especially if it is supplemented by sleeves-lanterns.
  • For dates and romantic evenings with your second half, you can choose a dress with a half-sun hem.
  • Owners of an ideal figure should pay attention to such a style as an elongated case, but it will suit only girls with fairly long legs, as they visually shorten them.
  • Actually dress-tunic, which literally combines two items of clothing. But so that it does not look too vulgar because of its short length, it is best to wear it with tight black tights.

As for the length, it can be almost any, but the dresses of the midi look especially feminine, because they make the image mysterious and feminine, but at the same time open the legs and favorably emphasize them.Mini is best left for parties and other events. The length of the midi is also relevant, but it is not very practical, especially considering that the vagaries of the autumn weather can present such “surprises” as dirt and slush.

Trendy colors

Fashionable autumn dresses of 2016 should in every way remind of golden autumn and beautiful falling leaves, so you should pay attention to such shades as mustard, burgundy, red, wine and others. Also in the trend almost all shades of brown: from light sand to rich chocolate.

It remains at the peak of popularity and classic black, which certainly will never go out of style. And for the office you can choose a calm gray dress. Other neutral and restrained tones are also popular, such as pistachio, khaki, and olive.

If you want to dilute the base tone, you can do this with gilding or contrasting inserts, for example, whites. And the evening dress can be rich blue or mysterious emerald green, such colors look rich and elegant, especially on iridescent fabrics!

But from the soft pastel colors it is better to give up, they are not quite appropriate at this time of year.Do not overload the soft and calm autumn image and excessively bright, catchy or acid paints, leave them on a warm summer.


In the photo with fashion shows you can see that the prints are present on the dresses, but rather restrained, mostly classic. For example, you can experiment on a geometric theme. And the strict cell and the universal strip, which, by the way, perfectly hides the defects of the figure, if used correctly, will be especially relevant. And to make the image more vivid, pay attention to the contrasting combinations.

In the trend and animal prints, but not predatory (although the leopard is completely omitted, it is used by fashionable couturiers), but more original, for example, bizarre images of animals. Continuing the theme of nature, the designers generously endowed the girls with flowers, so that floral patterns will also be fashionable. And the flowers can look on images especially realistic, as live and voluminous.

Abstraction will also be fashionable, with bright and contrasting. But dresses with such prints are more suitable for parties and meetings with friends, for everyday wear and work in the office is to choose something more restrained.An interesting option - a variety of inscriptions.


In the autumn, I really want something cozy, warm and soft, so the dresses of this season will be made of comfortable fabrics, such as thick knitwear, knitting, warm suit wool. For the evening image, you should choose a dress from a more expensive and noble material, such as jacquard.

Suede and leather are also relevant, but they are often used to make inserts or individual parts of a dress, and it looks very interesting. A warm and thick dress can be made from tweed, and a lighter one that can be worn in early autumn - from poplin, satin or satin.

Attention to detail

Sometimes beautiful dresses are not attracted by the cut or expensive fabric, but by the details, so that designers often focus on them.

In 2016, the following elements will be popular in the autumn season:

  • Fringe. She is just at the peak of fashion, and especially long looks interesting. It is present most often on the hem, although it can decorate other parts, for example, neckline or sleeves.
  • In the trend of V-shaped neckline, and sometimes very deep.
  • Cuts are urgent, with both single, laterally located and sexually striking legs, and double ones located on the sides.Also, designers presented the model and immediately with several cutouts.
  • They look interesting, emphasize the waist favorably and make the Basques hips more appetizing, and they will also be present at the autumn dresses in 2016.
  • Contrasting inserts can refresh even the simplest dress.
  • Romantic ruffles or ruffles.
  • Bright accessories, for example, wide zippers or large buttons.

Armed with this information, you can go to the store for a stylish autumn dress.

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