What are the haircuts in fashion?

With the approach of the new season there is a reason to change something in their appearance. But in order for you to truly change, and everyone looked at you with admiring glances, you should know what hairstyles are in fashion in the spring-summer 2013 season. This season, fashion trends will not require owners of long hair to part with their chic curls. As well as girls with short hair do not have to build up strands. This season, any length at the peak of popularity, which means that no sacrifices will be made.

Fashionable women's haircuts

The owners of long hair in the new season have two win-win options for haircuts. The first option is inherent multi-layered, which can be achieved by cutting in the form of a cascade. But the second is even more relevant option and is a patchwork haircut, which is able to give the image a new look. It is worth considering that it will allow you to create new hairstyles every day. In addition, this season for long hair in fashion will be the original weaving. For the everyday option, you should move away from loose hair, it is better to collect them in bunches, tails or braid in braids, which will be more convenient and practical.As for the parting, it can be done both oblique and even.

If you are the owner of medium-length hair, then you are lucky, because it is the most practical, universal length, which allows you to periodically change and every day look stylish and new. In the spring-summer season of 2013, bob haircuts and a symmetrical bob are relevant. These trendy haircuts for medium hair are universal and suitable for all types of faces. For bangs, stylists offer two options: neat and clear contours and easy negligence. Also, the average hair length stylists are advised to make stylish curls, haircuts page and wavy styling. You should know that stylists are advised to abandon the asymmetry, and choose haircuts with clear symmetrical options.

For girls with short hair, this season dictates adhering to a feminine style. The hottest short haircuts are the pixies, followed by a retro hairstyle called rockabilly. If this option is not very suitable for you, then you can choose something more romantic. However, when choosing a haircut, keep in mind that this season it is fashionable to leave your forehead open.And if you want to cut your bangs, then only oblique is permissible, while the asymmetrical is a thing of the past. Also, stylists recommend short haircuts stick to harmony.

Fashionable men's haircuts

Nothing is valued so highly by men as convenience and comfort, which is why they prefer short haircuts, because they require minimal care, and they look very stylish. Fashionable men's haircuts in the spring-summer 2013 season do not differ in a special variety, therefore all attention in creating a fashionable image is paid to styling. If you want to create a brutal image, then you can safely choose army haircuts, photos can be found in any magazine, and this suggests that they are very popular. At the same time, the height of such a hedgehog haircut should be no more than 2 cm. But a haircut “under zero” is not relevant this season, since it reveals all the features of the head and does not hide irregularities. And it is not for everyone.

For lovers of creative, you can make haircuts with a shaved nape and temples. In addition, they will bring originality into the image. At the same time there are so many such fashionable haircuts.There is a lot of photo on the Internet; if you look at them, it will become clear that they are suitable for men with both oval face type and elongated and square.

The most popular are short haircuts, allowing you to change the appearance with styling and parting. The most fashionable haircut is considered a half-box, with it is comfortable and easy, and most importantly its owner will be in trend. As for bangs, they can be of very different lengths, but the most fashionable is considered to be long, because with the help of it to model a hairstyle, giving it the most diverse look.

This season is very fashionable haircuts "a la Beatles": with milled edges, long bangs and hair long to the level of the chin. This haircut has the name "Parisian square" and will suit young men with a slender figure. Also in fashion curly hair of medium length, thanks to them it is easy to create an image of a brutal macho, especially if you combine it with a three-day bristle. For men with long hair, fashion also has its tips. In the trend - the hair to the shoulders, and if they are longer, you will have to cut it. Also, for such hair, cutting a caret without bangs is relevant.

It does not matter how long your hair is and how fashionable this season you have chosen for yourself, you need to consider how it suits your image and type of face.

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