What are shopping clubs for?

Even living in relatively large cities of our country, a demanding customer does not always succeed in satisfying his desires regarding a particular area of ​​shopping. Naturally, first of all, we are talking about beautiful ladies who always strive to look perfect, but, unfortunately, the market for the offered products often leaves much to be desired.

The prices are high, the choice is small, and will you find so much time to go around all the shops, shopping centers and boutiques in search of the perfect dress?

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The modern pace of life of young and active people just rolls over, which means every minute is worth its weight in gold, but what to do if you want to look good, but at the same time save yourself from endless wanderings along the long corridors of shopping centers?

It turns out that there is a solution, it appeared relatively recently in Ukraine and Russia, but there are more than 10 years in the world, moreover, it is rapidly developing, progressing and gaining new momentum. New trends in e-commerce have become shopping clubs - a modern format for the sale of fashionable clothes, shoes and other household items.

What is shopping clubs, you ask, because of such an interesting direction the general public knows little or absolutely not enough to trust this. To put it simply, this is a store of clothes or other things in which you can make purchases without leaving your home or office. Fast, convenient, but also, often, very profitable!

You say that is it new? Online purchases are made already for a long time and actively, is there any difference? It turns out that there are, moreover, the most important and interesting for the buyer.

Features of shopping clubs

There are fundamental differences between the two concepts - online store and shopping club. The latter, in contrast to the online store, allows you to buy products of famous, global and very expensive brands at quite attractive prices.

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The site of the club is updated every day with information, new promotions and discount systems that target certain brands of clothing, shoes or other accessories.

Sometimes such discounts reach 80%, which can be very tempting when buying things from such world brands as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, etc.Any world brands, including Ukrainian and Russian, and even those that are not on sale in the territory of the country can take part in promotions.

Shopping clubs have a fundamentally different business model from online stores: without actually possessing the goods offered on the site, but only information about them, they sell them to customers online.

Here, in truth, there are shortcomings: the delivery is, most often, long, and the information about a particular thing can be inaccurate. Sometimes another system works: the goods are already in stock in a limited quantity, which is more convenient for the buyer: he does not risk having ordered a thing to find out in time that it is no longer available.

On the other hand, shopping clubs that have to rent space for warehouses are not able to make maximum discounts on branded goods, because they also need to cover the costs of their own costs.

But where are these discounts from?

How it works? You are probably wondering how the shopping club manages to sell branded and high-quality items at such low prices? After all, yesterday a concrete dress cost 2000 UAH.and today only 900! Is that possible? And, most interestingly, such discounts are not a seasonal phenomenon, as it happens in regular stores, there they are all year round!

You can buy cool stuff.

It's all about the basic principles of the work of such clubs: first, due to the fact that the whole process of buying and selling is carried out online, the seller significantly saves on the need to rent warehouses, hire a whole staff and spend money on expensive premises in the city center for cute boutiques .

Secondly, shopping clubs agree with a particular brand on the sale of the remaining goods left over from the last or previous collection. It is profitable for the store to immediately sell all 10 jackets that were left from the previous collection at a reduced price, and to get new products as soon as possible with the money received.

The trouble of the stationary stores is as follows: they are often limited by the purchasing power of a particular city, and in the shopping cube they can order the same goods from almost any, even the most distant point of the world.

In fact, shopping clubs are not competitors for branded stores, they are, in a way, an additional channel for selling and selling things that could not be sold permanently.By the way, in order to use the services of such a service, you just need to register for free on this site, everything is simple.

Shopping clubs in Ukraine

The first project, similar to modern shopping clubs, appeared in the early 2000s, in France, only VIP clients of the founder, Frenchman Jacques Antoine Granier, could enjoy such privileges.

Profitable option

The idea of ​​such an Internet enterprise turned out to be incredibly successful, the movement spread throughout the world and became accessible to the masses, and in 2009 the first shopping clubs were founded in Ukraine. The principles are the same: free registration and unlimited possibilities even for the most selective buyers.

As for the security of remote payment for goods: you can not even worry, because all the sites of clubs are certified by a special data encryption system that ensures their confidentiality.

Especially for those who, as yet, have not learned to trust such systems, it is possible to pay for the goods upon its availability, i.e. after delivery directly in hands.

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