What and with what to wear skirts to women?

Women wear skirts for many years. As time passes, entire generations of women change, and this thing will never disappear from the wardrobe of women. Because she is able to radically change the appearance of beautiful women.

For example, if a business woman replaces the classic pencil skirt with a light chiffon skirt, then she will immediately turn into the sweetest creature on the planet. Such clothes allow you to experiment and change images every day. Want to know what skirts to wear to be the most fashionable? Stay with us.

As you already understood, now you can find in the store or sew a large number of different styles of skirts. They can differ only in design and have the same style or even be unique in all respects. There should be a lot of them in your wardrobe. Because in them any woman looks sensual and interesting.


In the warm season, we can, without worrying about our health, wear skirts of very different lengths and styles.How cool it is to walk down the street in a stylish skirt, jacket and shoes and feel free. It was created specifically for women, but it can not only decorate, but also disfigure. Only perfectly matched on the figure, it can make you smart, otherwise you are doomed to failure.

Every woman knows her problem areas and that in no case can they be shown to people around her. Hiding them under voluminous tunics and wide trousers, refusing to wear skirts, definitely not worth it. Just think that, probably, such a large number of styles were invented in the world for a reason. Each of them fits a certain shape and all you need is just to find your own.

Type of figure

A win-win option, that is, a universal skirt for all women will be straight, just above the knee. The fuller your figure, the more heavy and dense the material of the skirt should be.

Large girls should stop their choice on skirts with an A-shaped silhouette. They seem to diverge to the bottom, with an emphasis on thallium. Such a style will help out girls with big hips. The belt on such a skirt should be large and wide.It is better to refuse full models in folds, as well as ultrashort mini.

Low women can not wear skirts to the floor, because they are able to shorten the silhouette. If you do not want to look like a fungus, then choose a shorter model. And the rest at your disposal all styles. Just keep in mind the small nuances. Pencil skirt should be 3-5 cm above the knee. You will look beautiful on a tulip skirt and denim mini. And do not limit yourself in color.

Pencil skirt with a high waist can be worn by women with different types of shapes. It is good at reducing the belly and makes the silhouette more elegant.

Thin young ladies who do not have impressive forms in the field of priests, it is better to wear voluminous, multi-layered skirts. For example, a bell skirt. She will be able to highlight the waist and create the effect of having good shapes.

In recent years, short, multi-layered skirts made of lightweight fabrics are popular. They will suit girls with slim legs and a flat tummy.

Long skirts will hide problems with uneven legs. But short - they are underlined.

Focus on your taste, choosing a skirt. Take your time during the fitting.Be sure to wear skirts of different styles. Objectively look at which version and color you prefer, and buy such a skirt.

What to wear?

Maxi skirts are now the undisputed trend. There are models of classic, direct cut, but there are also multi-layered long skirts, somewhat reminiscent of gypsy dresses. So, the more fluffy skirt you wear, the more concise the top should be in your outfit.

For example, a plain white top without patterns will suit the red long. A maxi-skirt with jackets and long sleeves looks bad. Much more beautiful will be an image with three-quarter sleeves.

Short enjoys a frenzied popularity, perhaps this is the most popular style of skirts, both among women and men. The skirt is considered short, which barely covers the female ass, exposing the legs to the maximum. Wearing a skirt of this length is difficult because the line between vulgarity and beauty is rather short.

So that without consequences in the form of convictions, wearing a short skirt should simply be combined with a closed top, such as a turtleneck. Well with a mini-skirt look loose sweaters and t-shirts.Also, with such a skirt it is better not to slip on platform shoes and high heels, stylish “shoes” will look much more advantageous.

A pencil skirt, so popular in business-style clothing, should be worn with narrow, elongated jackets. It is famously combined with strict turtlenecks, blouses, tops, and shirts. By the way, it is quite acceptable that the top in the image with a skirt - the pencil was romantic, that is, the sleeves-lanterns and jabot would be appropriate. With ballet flats, this style of skirt cannot be worn. Only shoes and ankle boots with a steady heel are suitable for a pencil skirt.

A tulip skirt that will save with narrow hips should be worn in combination with expensive fabrics. Silk, lace, satin - these are the materials from which blouses should be sewn. Ballet flats are well suited to this skirt, so you don't have to wear yourself out with high heels.

According to statistics, black skirts are the most popular. However, you should not be afraid of bright colors, the skirts of rich red, blue and brown are now in trend. Just remember that if you wear a bright skirt, all other things should be at least a couple of tones lighter.

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