Weather in Anapa in September 2016 - a preliminary forecast of the weather center. What is the usual weather in Anapa at the beginning and end of September?


The weather in Anapa for September 2016 is planned to be excellent. At least this is confirmed by the preliminary forecast of the hydrometeorological center. Forecasters say that at the beginning of the month the air will warm up to + 24 ... 26 ° C and this temperature will last up to the 30th day. At the end of the month, the atmosphere of the resort will refresh the summer thunderstorms, but this will not significantly affect the situation, and the weather will remain just as warm and pleasant. The water warms up to + 20 ... 22 ° C and lasts at this point until about September 20. At 25, the cold current will slightly cool the sea waves, and the northern cyclone will fill the air with a steady autumn aroma and transparently hint that October is just around the corner.Well, and how accurately the meteorologists managed to guess the weather, we will find out very soon by personally visiting Anapa in September or after reading the reviews and impressions of the tourists who rested at the resort.

What is the usual weather in Anapa in September - reviews of local residents and tourists


Pleasantly warm, dry and very clear - this is how the weather usually reigns in Anapa in September, according to reviews of local residents and visitors. Precipitation seldom disturbs the harmonious atmosphere of autumn rest and, as a rule, is expressed in strong, but short-lived showers with thunderstorms. True, the elements usually rage no more than an hour, and the bright sun coming in to replace it almost instantly destroys even the most minimal traces of the rain that has poured.

The average daytime temperature is kept at + 23 ... 26 ° C. This mode allows you not only to get a good even tan, but also to take a walk in the shady city parks, to see the sights and pay attention to excursions, without wasting from the suffocating heat.

Another of the attractive features of the September holiday in Anapa is the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits, from which, literally, the counters of local markets burst.All this is sold for quite acceptable money and gives the chance to replenish the natural natural vitamins if not until the next season, then for a very long time.

Weather in Anapa in September - the temperature of the water at the resort


The water temperature in Anapa in September fully corresponds to the weather. Affectionate azure sea warms up to + 21 ... 22 ° C and has a long bathing in the morning and in the evening. Storm is almost not disturbed by the mirror sea surface, and even on the very visited urban beaches, the water is clean and transparent. It is not difficult to occupy a comfortable chaise lounge near the surf itself, since the number of visitors in September is an order of magnitude lower than in July or August. And this, too, has its own charm, because to relax, indulge in relaxation and enjoy a measured rest will not interfere with any loud children's cries, or too cheerful youth companies.

Weather in Anapa in September 2016 - weather forecast


According to a preliminary forecast of the weather center, the weather in Anapa in September 2016 is expected to be warm, clear and windless. Earlier this month, the air temperature will be + 23 ... 24 ° C, but by the 5th it will grow to stable + 25 ... 26 ° C and a pleasant, mild “Indian summer” will be established in the city.Precipitation in the form of intermittent rain with thunderstorms is expected to pass on September 19, 23 and 24. On all other days until the end of the month it will be absolutely dry and sunny.

But the nights will be much cooler. At night, the thermometer will slide to the mark of + 16 ... 18 ° C and it will be very uncomfortable to walk under the moonlight without a wool sweater or windbreaker. Therefore, it is better to take these things with you, so that the resort does not experience inconvenience and not think about the danger of catching a cold.

The sea off the coast of the resort will be pleased with its warmth and the almost complete absence of storms. Reviews of holidaymakers who visited Anapa in September say that it is possible to swim at this time of the year both in the morning and in the evening, since the water temperature on urban beaches is + 21 ... 22 ° C and only at the end of the month it drops to invigorating + 17 ° C.

With the first days of autumn the number of people at the resort is sharply reduced. Here you can’t meet families with schoolchildren, cheerful student companies and office workers coming to their fullest. In September Anapa mostly older couple and people who prefer quiet and calm rest, preferring to noise and bustle, walk around.

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