Wday tests: restore hair after summer

The editors tell how to restore the elasticity and shine of the hair after, alas, not hot season.

In an amicable way, all those who came from vacation, immediately go to the hairdresser - the master cuts off split ends, renews the cut, and everyone is happy. But sometimes hands simply do not reach a beauty salon, and it is easier to restore hair on your own. The whole experience of Wday.ru for different types of hair is lower.

Uka Travel Kit Nighty Night, 4250 rubles on authentica.love

Olga Alymova, editor of the Beauty and Health column:
Alymova Olga

- Hair care after the holidays is a guarantee that they will live to the New Year without any problems. The main thing is to choose the right products, because damaged hair is especially sensitive to our experiments. For several years I have tried various means - from salon restoration to its analogue in vials.

Uka Travel Kit Nighty Night: reviews
Photo: authentica.love

Expectation:Travel set for discipline consists of three small bubbles - shampoo, conditioner and cleanser for the scalp.Uka (Japanese brand that supplies the Authentica Club) since 1947 has been working on nails and scalp and dividing its funds by time of use into day and night. A bit strange for the Russian consumer, but interesting.

Reality:My set was called Nighty Night - it is a colloquial "good night", so I decided to try it before bedtime. From the first time, the shampoo stubbornly did not want to wash, although I applied enough - as often happens when the composition is natural and there are no surface-active substances - lauryl / laureth sulfates, which are responsible for the thick cap of the foam. It was all the more pleasant that after the cleansing product for the scalp it was completely clean. It is very unusual without foam (because I’m not really piling on naturalness), and the conditioner only added to perplexity - the hair was not slippery at all, as is often the case with leaving. Well, I think, now I will not comb - and began to prepare for the worst.

In the end, everything turned out to be completely different from what it seemed to be - her hair was very light, and I felt new sensations on my scalp - the product seemed to have made her less sensitive and presented a feeling of cooling.

Rating:9 out of 10, I really liked the refreshing effect, but I would like more nutrition - my dry hair can only be taken by a very generous portion.

Olaplex, about 3,000 rubles for the procedure, 2,400 rubles, 3rd stage

Olaplex: reviews
Photo: authentica.love

Expectations:speaking of hair restoration, it is impossible not to mention about the progenitor of bonding - Olaplex. This composition, which strengthens the disulfide bonds of the hair, allows it not to break and not to split after staining or exposure to heat. Two form is applied in the cabin, and the third is given home - to use once a week.

Reality:I had a few bonding treatments, but Olaplex, of course, stands alone - the boom on these funds happened a couple of years ago, and since then almost every salon has been offered to you to undergo the procedure. A small bottle with the number three helps to prolong the effect at home - I applied it once a week instead of a mask for ten minutes. Finding out the time in the morning will not work - with this tool you need to arrange a real beauty salon at home.

But the effect is worth it - strands are elastic, and the hair becomes as if heavier - a very pleasant feeling. I also liked the laconic design and the almost complete absence of perfume.

Rating:10 out of 10, I like the idea of ​​continuing salon care at home.

Mask for hair Gold Lust Transformative Masque from Oribe, 3820 rub. on authentica.love

Hair Mask Gold Lust Transformative Masque by Oribe: reviews

Expectations:A mask with white tea, jasmine and baobab extract should nourish the hair, prevent cross-section, and also make the strands soft, manageable and silky.

Reality:About the unusual hair products Oribe heard a lot - they are thick and oriental, this aromatherapy. I have been using dry brand shampoo for a long time, and it was interesting to try the mask. From the first time it makes the hair shiny and soft - and my curls are not so easy to bring in a well-groomed look. I keep the mask longer than it should be - firstly, I hoped that the fragrance would remain on my hair (no), and secondly, it was just nice. I was pleased that the hair remained clean for three days - unfortunately, many nourishing masks sin because strands get dirty the next day, but Oribe showed commendable stamina.

Rating:10 out of 10, was pleased that the mask also smoothed the “fluff” at the temples - in damp weather it spoils the whole hairstyle.

L'Occitane Aromachologie Repariring Shampoo and Conditioner, 1500 rub.

L'Occitane Shampoo and conditioner restoring Aromachologie Repariring: reviews
Photo: L'Occitane

Expectation:The complex against fragility and plant amino acids restore hair and fill it with strength, and vitamin B5 helps to smooth, soften and protect the curls. Products do not contain silicones.

Reality:For the first time I met L'Occitane hair products in a travel set - they saved my hair on a business trip. This is a cool tandem, which works separately, - I have not bought an air conditioner since (personally a nourishing mask is more suitable for my hair), and shampoo periodically appears in the arsenal. His charm is that he does not dry his curly hair at all - he washes it out not to the squeak, but very carefully. Pleasant basic tool that just does not make the hair worse and will serve as an excellent start for any mask, as it does not contain silicones. And by the way, this means that they can wash their hair after long-term styling - biowaves and keratin straightening.

Rating:10 out of 10, pleasant money for every day.

Leonor Greyl mask with jasmine flowers, 3,850 rubles

Leonor Greyl mask with jasmine flowers: reviews
Photo: Leonor Greyl

Expectation:Thanks to proteins and vegetable oils, the remedy regenerates the hair structure, restores health to thin and dry hair. After using the mask to the hair returns health, shine, they are easier to lay. Despite the thick texture of the mask, after applying the hair is not weighted.

Reality:First, I was really pleased with the scent - many on the forums compare it to haze for hair, and this seems to be true.The smell of fresh jasmine flowers was clearly felt when it came to the sun — heated hair smelled like a summer garden. Very nice. as for the consistency, I really like these masks - not very greasy, but not flowing either - it is instantly “eaten” by hair and does not form a film on their surface. Several times I put the mask in a smaller container and took it with me to fitness - along with the usual hair dryer from the sports center, it gave an excellent smoothing effect. Strands lay exactly, did not fluff, did not electrify - and this without any additional styling (still not enough to carry it with you). The mask definitely disciplines curly hair and gives it a gloss.

Rating:10 out of 10, but I’ll warn you about the scent - if you don’t like it, the mask will be hard to use.

Kevin Murphy Born.Again, price on request in

Photo: authentica.love

Expectation:Amino acid microparticles penetrate deep into the hair follicle, restore and saturate the hair with proteins and lipids from the inside. Provides intensive moisturizing and restoration of even the most damaged hair.

Reality:Kevin Murphy's urban bottles will be a decoration for any bathroom - the first brick I got was the clay, which my boyfriend almost immediately wrung out (spoiler - now he is getting closer to this balm).It is difficult to evaluate the brand immediately, in appearance - they have neither a confusing aroma, nor an expensive marketing history (well, we all know how it happens with “precious oils” and gold particles). Therefore, judging by composition and properties.

And there is a lot of interesting things - and omega-3, and olive leaf extract, silk proteins and damask rose extract - all together have not only a one-time, but also a cumulative effect. After the first wash, the hair was combed more easily and became denser, but the haircut “lived” fresh only for a day - I had to use dry shampoo at work. It may be worth trying this balm together with a highly cleansing shampoo or scrub, and retreat away from the roots of the hair when applied (or take less money - I never regret for myself, my love). I want to see how the balm will behave after 5−10 applications. By the way, the majority of “advanced” salons work on Kevin Murphy cosmetics - this is for those who are not ready to immediately buy funds and want to test them “in action”.

Rating:9 out of 10 is a good tool, but be careful with the dosage.

Editor heading "Lifestyle":
Kristina Semina

- I'm a fan of hair products.Especially in the post-holiday period, when the poor curls, scorched by the sun, need special protection. And since for the second week I don’t have time to sign up for a salon to cut my tips, testing intensive restoration masks was my salvation.

Repair mask Framesi, Morphosis Repair Rich Treatment, about 1500 rubles

Photo: archive of press services

Expectation: I didn't know anything about the Morphosis brand before. But the abstract to the mask from the Repair Rich Treatment line made me interested in the tools. First, bribed composition. My mask, for example, includes sunflower seed extracts, almond proteins, ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which, according to the manufacturer, not only moisturizes and restores the hair structure, but also gives strength, shine and elasticity. Let's see if this is true.

Reality: I will say right away, the mask turned out to be worthy of recommending it to friends and acquaintances. But I will start in order. At first it is, of course, a fragrance with delicate notes of almond. And the smell seemed natural to me, and even reminded aroma oil. After I conquered the texture. It turned out to be very pleasant, it is easily applied to the strands and is also easily washed off. Well, the result after was great.Split ends become less noticeable, and hair - smooth. It is a pity that the fragrance from the mask after drying immediately went somewhere, and they began to smell like shampoo.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Regenerating mask and serum, CHI, Tea Tree Oil, about 1500 rubles and about 800 rubles

Photo: archive of press services

Expectation: I never used CHI brands. But the line Tea Tree Oil ("Tea Tree Oil") could not ignore. I was bribed and the main ingredient, which is rendered in the name, and an incredible refreshing herbal aroma. In this case, the manufacturer writes that in addition to tea tree oil, peppermint oil, natural silk and chamomile are also included in the collection. I got a mask and serum for testing. The first tool is used instead of or after the conditioner and immediately gives the strands a healthy look, and the second is applied before hair drying and / or after and provides protection from hair dryer, styling and UV rays.

Reality: and the mask and serum did not disappoint. But most importantly, thanks to the aroma of a beauty ritual with the use of these tools almost turned into a spa procedure. At least herbal notes were still heard from my bathroom for a long time.The mask was perfectly absorbed, it was perfectly washed off with cool water, and after it the hair was easily combed and generally looked healthy. The serum at first confused me with the texture - very fluid and sticky - but I liked the result: I put it on the tips, and they began to look perfect.

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Balsam conditioner for all types of hair "Pure line" (nettle), 67 rubles

Victoria Dudin, and. about. chief editor:
Victoria Dudina

- Not so long ago I did biochemistry, which I have been crushing for the third month. The once healthy and shiny hair has become a real punishment. From the curls there is no trace. Hair is agitated and faded, split and not amenable to styling. So the recovery is what the doctor ordered.

Photo: archive of press services

Expectations:for testing, I take the product of the democratic brand “Pure Line”. Price - only 67 rubles. However, despite the low cost, the manufacturer makes a fairly large number of promises. The balm consists of a decoction of herbs, enriched with phytokeratin complex for basal volume. Hair thicken at the base, but not heavy. As a result of use within two weeks they are restored, become soft and shiny.

Reality:I have a lot of respect for the Clean Line.They know how to make quality products at the lowest price. I even have their face tonic in the bathroom. But, alas, this test failed for me. After a week of use, the hair really became soft, like a child's. This is a plus! That's just to comb such hair (and even decent length) after washing was not an easy task. Using a balm spray after shampoo and conditioner is a standard procedure for me, but it also coped with difficulty.

I stopped the "treatment" of hair and switched to another conditioner. However, I can not say that in no case I advise you to use this tool. What was promised on the label? Improvement without weighting. Cope with this task tool? Definitely. And it is inexpensive. This is also a plus.

Rating:5 out of 10. The tool has completed the task of improving the hair, but combing long, thin and gaunt hair after its application was rather difficult.

Balsam conditioner Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle, from 260 rubles

Expectations:Pantene specializes in hair care products. You expect a perfect result from the product with the enriched formula Pro-V. Hair should flow like oil in advertising.

Photo: archive of press services

Reality:I have already described my launched case earlier. It was important for me to put my hair in order, to feel that it had become denser, and to make the combing procedure after washing more pleasant.

The effect is felt after the first application. The combing procedure was somewhat simplified, although I didn’t refuse to use the usual balsam-spray. Difficult to style hair became more obedient.

Rating:7 out of 10. The result is generally satisfied, but there is something to strive for.

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